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What an amazing weekend

Look for some thoughts on the varying strengths of the regionals in all three classes (well, until somebody scares up some DeLaSalle brackets, maybe just 1A and 2A).

And because some people asked...

Both Drake and Dom Chase won district titles Saturday at Clinton. Drake knocked off defending Iowa 3A champion Adam Perrin of North Scott, 10-6, in the 112-pound final. Turned him for three nearfall points in the first period.

Dom won 11-5 in the 125-pound district final. Didn't look great, but was in control.

Also, former Sterling competitor Matt Vercillo won a district title at 145.

I'm still digesting all that I saw that impacted my area (only one qualifier in 3A, Alleman's Topher Carton winning the toughest 2A bracket at LaSalle-Peru, Sheley and Cathcart winning sectionals as well, plus all the crazy upsets in 1A). Wish I could have seen it. Dang it, this no-cloning technology thing...

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