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Originally Posted by oldgrappler112 View Post
The biggest obstacle is however that adding wrestling would put the school in violation of Title IX.
Your AD is stringing you a line of BS on this one. The OCR changed clarified the compliance rules for Title IX years ago. You have 3 ways to show compliance with Title IX. You only have to satisfy 1 of the 3:
  1. Proportionality: this means the ratio of male to female athletes matches themale to female ratio of student enrollment
  2. Prove that you are meeting the interest of the under-represented gender: This can be done via a survey of the student body, per clarification by the OCR.
  3. Show a pattern of adding athletic opportunities for the under-represented sex.
So, unless GVSU would fail ALL 3 tests by adding wrestling, your AD is not being forthright with you.
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