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ILLINI vs. the Gophers

The ILLINI are next on the mat on the road against Minnesota (pronounced, slowly: min-ah-soda) this Sunday at 1:00 pm (Central). The match will be "televised" on BTN+. The ILLINI do not have a Friday dual, so they can concentrate on the Golden Gophers. Minnesota has a pressing engagment with Ohio State's grappling squad in Columbus on Friday, so they will be getting ready for that.

The Gophers dualed Michigan State last, but they used a bunch of backups, so I'm going to post box scores for their two duals against ranked teams at the South Beach Duals:

No. 12 Cornell 22, No. 8 Minnesota 19
125 Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) over Michael Russo (Cornell) TF 16-0
133 Mitchell McKee (Minnesota) over Charles Tucker (Cornell) Maj 11-2
141 Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell) over Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) Maj 18-4
149 William Koll (Cornell) over Hunter Marko (Minnesota) Maj 10-2
157 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Kyle Simaz (Cornell) Dec 3-2
165 Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) over Adam Santoro (Cornell) Maj 17-6
174 Chris Pfarr (Minnesota) over Brandon Womack (Cornell) TB-1 6-4
184 Maxwell Dean (Cornell) over Owen Webster (Minnesota) TF 16-1
197 Ben Darmstadt (Cornell) over Bobby Steveson (Minnesota) Fall 4:43
HWT Benjamin Honis (Cornell) over Rylee Streifel (Minnesota) Dec 4-3
No. 24 North Carolina 25, No. 8 Minnesota 16
125 Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) over James Szymanski (North Carolina) Fall 2:27
133 Zach Sherman (North Carolina) over Mitchell McKee (Minnesota) Dec 5-2
141 AC Headlee (North Carolina) over Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) Fall 5:08
149 Troy Heilmann (North Carolina) over Hunter Marko (Minnesota) Maj 18-6
157 Kennedy Monday (North Carolina) over Jake Short (Minnesota) Dec 3-2
165 Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) over Clay Lautt (North Carolina) Maj 14-4
174 Chris Pfarr (Minnesota) over Adis Radoncic (North Carolina) Dec 6-3
184 Owen Webster (Minnesota) over Chip Ness (North Carolina) Dec 8-6
197 Danny Chaid (North Carolina) over Bobby Steveson (Minnesota) Fall 4:48
HWT Cory Daniel (North Carolina) over Rylee Streifel (Minnesota) Dec 3-2[/B]
As a team, Minnesota has a strong bottom half of the lineup, but they have some weak spots in the upper weights. Unfortunately for them, their best upper weight wrestler, by far (that's pronounced, slowly, "pfarr") is Nick Wanzek, and he will face IMAR.

125. Travis Piotrowski vs. Ethan Lizak.

Pio has had a great season and will get a tough test against Lizak. Wrestlestat envisions a 10-4 win for the Lizard. Travis will need to get the takedown and select neutral to keep it close against the returning finalist. If Lizak is on top, then Pio will want to concentrate on "cow-catching" that left leg that the Gopher will try to stick in. Lizak is 20-6 against common opponents, whereas Piotrowski is 13-12. They've wrestled twice before, and Lizak scored bonus both times.

133. Dylan Duncan vs. Mitch McKee.

Wrestlestat again sees this as a 10-4 win for the Gopher, but this is one that Duncan can win. Both wrestlers have had recent head-scratching losses, and McKee can fall back on home mat advantage and the experience from a nice little NCAA run last year. McKee is 9-3 on the year; Duncan is 10-5. Against common opponents, Dylan has a close win and a close loss over Missouri's John Erneste, while McKee lost by bonus to him. McKee also got spanked by Zane Richards twice, while Duncan lost a close one. The Gopher will be a favorite on his home mat, but this is the first of our two consecutive upset specials!

141. Michael Carr vs. Tommy Thorn.

Carr is coming off a big win over Nebraska's Chad Red, and that's why we're calling this our upset special. Carr beat Red 6-3, while, earlier in the season, Thorn lost to Red, 5-3. On top of that, the ILLINI lost a close 3-0 match to #1 Seed Mason Smith of Central Michigan at the Midlands. Smith pinned Thorn. Still, wrestlestat sees this as an 8-5 win for Thorn, who will have home mat, and he has the experience advantage with 5 wins at the NCAA tournament over the last two years. With Carr going, though, we're calling this our second upset special!

149. Eric Barone vs. Steve Bleise or Hunter Marko.

It looks like the next semester classes don't officially start until two days after this dual. From what I understand, that means that it will be Marko wrestling for Minnesota, and not the transfer Bleise. Wrestlestat has Marko losing and Bleise winning, so that is significant. There are online classes that start earlier, but would Minny cheat? No way, eh? Hunter Marko has a 5-9 record, and Bleise beat Barone last year 3-1.

157. Kyle Langenderfer vs. Jake Short.

This is another potential upset special, although all the evidence points to a Minnesota win. Jake Short has two relatively easy wins over Langenderfer, the closest had them separated by 5 points. Both of them won multiple matches at the Big Dance last year, but they'd both probably like to start this season over. Short is at 8-5, while Langenderfer is at 6-6. Wrestlestat sees this as a one-point match.

165. IMAR vs. Nick Wanzek.

Wanzek is the long and lanky feller who had the misfortune to wrestle IMAR in the second round of the NCAAs last year. You can see the match here. IMAR wasn't as crisp with his finishes as he usually is, but he scored two first period takedowns in an 8-5 win.

If you watch IMAR's tattoo closely in that video, you can see that it doesn't change shape like Spiderman's alien black costume. So, those of you who claim it is some type of alien forming a symbiotic relationship with IMAR are probably wrong.

My theory is that IMAR conserved himself in that match. He doesn't have to in this dual. Moreover, Wanzek will be coming off a tough match with Te 'Shan Campbell of Ohio State, so we'll see bonus here. Isaiah just has to keep an eye out for Wanzek's ankle pick and ankle dives.

174. David Riojas vs. Chris Pfarr.

Again, wrestlestat has this as a one-point win for the Gopher wrestler. Pfarr has experience and a home mat. He was barely over .500 last year and was 0-2 at the Big Dance, but against a true freshman, that might be enough. Pfarr has a much better 11-5 record so far this year with a nifty win over Cornell's Brandon Womack.

184. Emery Parker vs. Owen Webster.

Wrestlestat is calling for a major here. Everybody knows the Emery Parker story. Webster is a redshirt freshman who sports an 8-3 record. He has a nice close win over #23 Chip Ness of North Carolina, but he's also lost to the #31 and #29 wrestlers and got pinned by #5 Taylor Venz. I smell bonus. How 'bout you?

197. Andre Lee vs. Bobby Stevenson.

Earlier in the year, I created the "Correnti Line" as a determinative factor in whether Andre Lee could make the NCAAs. Well, Rutgers Matt Correnti is redshirting and moving up to heavyweight, so that matchup isn't going to happen. In his last match, Lee lost a headscratcher to Regis Durbin of Northwestern. My new line is the "Bobby Steveson Line." The Gopher has a 4-7 record and has lost to some rather poor wrestlers. Lee is at 6-8. Wrestlestat has this as another one-point win for the Gopher wrestler. The ILLINI, and especially Andre Lee, need a win here.

HWT. Deuce Rachal vs. Rylee Streifel.

The Deuce, when on the loose, has the juice to pin a moose. Rachal is arguably one of the most exciting wrestlers in the NCAA right now. Who doesn't like to see a 270 pound man fly? Streifel is one of the most boring, with lots of 3-2, 4-3 and 4-1 wins and losses. He has a 7-6 record this year, with a 15% bonus percentage. The Deuce is at 8-6, with 6 of the 8 wins coming with bonus. If the ILLINI are down 5 as the heavyweights walk out onto the mat, the Deuce will be on the loose!
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