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Originally Posted by dadudaman4 View Post
Here's how I see the dual coming down:

125-Lizak, probably by bonus
133-Duncan by close decision, but this could go either way
141-Thorn by close decision, but this could go either way
149-Barone by close decision. Is there any other way for him?
157-Short by decision
165-Imar by major decision
174-Wanzek, probably by bonus
184-Parker by decision
197-Steveson by decision
Hwy-Rachal by decision.

I see Minnesota with a narrow win based on bonus points. I don't have a high degree of confidence in my Duncan, Thorn or Barone predictions as I see those matches as toss ups. You never know what's going to happen with Rachal.
My picks Team score
125 Lizak 3-0
133 Duncan. 3-3
141 Carr. 6-3 IL
149 either MN guy. 6-6
157 Short MD. 10-6 MN
165 IMAR by fall. 12-10 IL
174 Pfarr. 13-12 MN
184 Parker. 15-13 IL
197 BS. 16-15 MN (Andre Lee locks arms and rubs foreheads for the whole first period, gives up a two second escape in the second period then more nothing, he gets his own escape in 10 seconds, then either gives up a takedown in the last minute of the 3rd or in SV)
285 Deuce Illini win 18-16
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