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Originally Posted by FrankS View Post
As far as seating goes, it's going to depend on whether both gyms at the school are used and how the mats are set up. The main (newer) gym does not have much seating. I can't give you a number for capacity, but I know the newer gym was always very crowded when the middle school held its tournament. The older gym has more seating, especially if both sets of bleachers are used. Both gyms combined will probably have enough seating.

Parking at the school might be inadequate, at least it's in short supply when the youth football team has home games or when Shabbona is hosting its wrestling invitational. People will be able to park on the streets running along the school. Additionally, the high school is about 400 yards away and would provide additional parking space as well as Goold Park across the street. I'm not sure if a shuttle bus from those lots would be available or necessary.
From what I understand, we will be using both gyms... 4 mats in one gym and 2 in the other. Maximus can probably give more details on the setup.
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