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Jason Nolf is a Crisis Actor and part of the Deep State

Stick with me here.

Last year, Carl Sanderson got a lot of media attention because of the injury to Nick Suriano. If you look up Twitter numbers, there were 943 mentions of "Nick Suriano" in the month of March last year. If you do a comparable search for "Zain Retherford," you find only 32 mentions, and 19 of those are tweets from his grandmother.

Are you still with me? So, it makes sense for Jason Nolf to fake an injury in the Rutgers dual, especially if the FBI is involved or not. I'm not saying the FBI is involved, but I'm also not saying it.

You see where I'm coming from?

Anyway, Andrew Long story Jake Short, what you have here, I believe, is a classic power-grab for fame. Because once you've got the fame, then you get the money, and, after you got the money, you get the womens.

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