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Originally Posted by Dondo View Post
You could probably include Thornton as well.
I’m not going to say whether either of those schools woulda, coulda, shoulda won a state title but not all twisters would have went to Thornton or thornwood. They would have also attended thornridge with the Douglas’ or joined the Dantzler’s at Breman, I don’t believe the Peros would have went to any of those schools. In some cases TF North and South along with the Blooms schools, Rich township schools and Crete Monee would have drawn twisters. So the main core of twisters would have been split up anyway. But in the 90s if you sprinkle in the kids from the Dolton, Calumet City And Lansing teams to any of those high schools then for sure those south Suburban public schools could have dominated.

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