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Originally Posted by Dondo View Post
I really wasn't referring to the schools winning a state title, but having several individual champs. I never mentioned ALL TWISTERS would go there. I am quite aware of Twisters going to other schools. IMO, I think the majority would be Thornton and Thornwood. I know Dantzler and Pero and Douglass would not. I'm surprised you didn't mention the Williams brothers who would have been Thornton products from Harvey. There are so many names.
I suppose I just quoted you cuz you were the last comment after OP Who did state that, and I didn’t include Thornton or thornwood kids cuz I assumed we all knew why the statement was made... for example Thornton would have been tough because at one point 2 of the Williams and I believe Davis would have been there at one time such as they where at MC, sprinkle in the others and tough indeed. Would that Thornton team been able to beat a public school that lost to Carmel in 93 downstate... it’s possible.

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