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Originally Posted by Sal Bandini View Post
When they outlawed alcohol between 1920 and 1933 it was because people were drinking much more hard alcohol than most drinker do now. Just because people kill less people now doesn't mean we are not still murdering a ton of people. Just less. There is no doubt the US look like dopes on this issue compared to other countries. You can find all kinds of charts but everyone knows this mass shooting thing is mainly a US thing. You can compare it to car accidents all you want but those are accidents. If the NRA is such experts, why can't they solve this. OK, mental illness - the NRA can pay to fix mental illness. Their portion will be paid when the shooting thing comes in line with other countries. People will appreciate the NRA for that. Like car owners pay gas tax, tolls, car stickers etc. Sounds like a plan. Otherwise blaming mental health = doing nothing. Going to be a some higher number mass shooting for sure because they get a better plan each time, its almost a challenge. Conspiracy theories definitely are not helping in the mental health regard either. I realize it is the cost of freedom, but we should at least be going after Indiana, everybody knows most of the illegal guns in Chicago come from Indiana. I don't care about this issue much, but it is interesting how Trump will actually state some common sense on this one issue, but then walk it back when the NRA handlers get to him. The background checks won't make much difference anyway, its just about money.
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