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(Cont. Reasons to Banish Selfishness)

6. The fear of the United Nations or the American Government creating an Armageddon is incredible, and I mean "incredible" in the bad way, or it could be in the sarcastic way. In either case, the notion is simply a selfish excuse to continue a hobby or cos-play. Other people have had similar fantasies, including Charles Manson, David Koresh and this fellow:

7. Somehow you ran your version of a cost-benefit analysis and concluded that a gun in your house was the smart play. Given all the dangers to yourself, your family and your neighborhood, and given the increased likelihood of suicide, the factor that was most important in this cost-benefit analysis was actually selfishness.

8. Your child is the love of your life, right? I mean, you would never do anything to harm a hair on that little rascal's head. That curious little wonder will one day get drunk for the first time, may experiment with drugs. He might even get depressed over school or a girl or a bully or a boy. Moreover, if you tell him not to do something, will he still do it?

9. The purchase you made for your hobby or cos-play also brought America a new phenomenon! The guy walking around the supermarket with an AR-15 slung on his shoulder. He's your brother. I don't know him. I can't identify with him. The NRA and the gun manufacturers--powerful because of your support or purchases--can make it so guns are allowed in National Parks, checked onto Amtrak trains, open-carried into supermarkets, concealed-carried in some airports. Brought into taverns. Onto college campuses. In schools. Around playgrounds. At church.

10. Stamp collecting. If you collected stamps, you'd be supporting the whole "Mailing Letters to Family and Friends" Culture.

11. You have decided that hundreds of thousands of murders, even more suicides, millions of wounds, innumerable graveside services and hospital vigils are less important than your hobby and right to be selfish.

12. While you are still thinking about all the cool fun you will have with your gun that you just purchased, the cash register rang. Whether you like it or not, the NRA will take credit for your purchase. Your purchase, in turn, allows the NRA to purchase lawmakers:

The man seated in the picture is Governor Jeb Bush. He has just signed the Florida "Stand your ground" law during a private ceremony. The only private citizen allowed in to watch the ceremony--she's basically on Governor Bush's right elbow--is Marion Hammer. She works for the NRA to get state and federal lawmakers to enact laws that lead to more gun deaths and injuries.

So let us bow our heads in Prayer: Dear Gun, please leave our Sisters and Brothers alone. GET THEE BEHIND THEM. I COMMAND YOU! By the power invested in me by the forgotten clause in the Second Amendment (the "well-regulated" part), I COMMAND THEE. Never again show your sultry polished metal face in their homes or workplaces, you deceiver, you liar, you fraud. Begone! In the name of the Church of No Guns, I say--No Guns.
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