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One Hour before the State Championship

My close friends and family know that I love Chevy Camaros, especially the 1982-1992 models. I own three of them, all show cars in the summer and in the winter I store them. I only drive them in the winter on special occasions. They are my passion a lot more than wrestling. So for me to even contemplate driving one on Illinois winter roads is special. This morning I decided to put my '92 on the road to Champaign. It is a special day, a special occasion and a good enough reason to mix my two passion.As I slide behind the wheel at 6 a.m. for the two hour drive I knew I had to get fired up for state.

So in the DVD player I popped in a video from the Jumbotron presentation shown last year. And I started thinking about who could win the state's ultimate prize. So many names flowed through my head as I pushed the Camaro towards the Dome. Hecox, Mitchell, Munster, Akui, Argue, Powell, Dardanes....who will get the job done. Time to stop talking and start wrestling. One match to glory. Seems simple when you think about it. You have trained all year. You have had 40 to 50 practice matches to get ready for this moment.

Well as I get ready to watch these great athletes special moments I have made my finals predictions in both AAA and AA. Now while I am no expert I just have a feeling about these young men. They have paid the price to be a champion in my opinion. I am not sure if I can keep my win streak of the last three years going, 13-1, 14-0, 14-0. That is tough to follow but here goes....


103 Malarick
112 Drendel
119 Klimara
125 Gosinski
130 Surber
135 Smith
140 N. Dardanes
145 Mitchell (upset special)
152 Congenie
160 Brooks
171 Akui
189 Munster
215 Dwyer
285 Allen

103 Powell (T4L)
112 Bellis
119 Whitford
125 Jauch
130 Rasche
135 Powell
140 Robertson
145 Kielbasa
152 Morehouse
160 Reel
171 Jimenez (upset special)
189 Mardsden
215 Vinton
285 Teitsma

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