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We are just chronicling Clayton and Mario's careers from the begining to the end....sort of like a diary. Nothing more or less. No hidden agrenda. Just an idea to provide behind the scenes looks into the lives of two wrestlers.

These two are two of the more famous wrestlers at the collegiate level and they have had a lot of success in non DI situations. There are many great non DI wrestlers, and these were the two that we had access to to do on a consistant season long term basis. Last year Rush was the NATIONAL CHAMPION & OUTSTANDING WRESTLER of the NCAA DIII tournament and last year Morgan was a NCAA FINALIST with 40 wins (29 in a row) for the back to back and 6x DII National CHAMPIONS. It was never posted or said that Rush or Morgan were THE BEST non DI wrestlers in Illinois HISTORY so I am not quiet sure how you got that. What was said is they are ARGUBALY the two best RETURNING non DI wrestlers for THIS season. If there are two better coming back that have as detail and decorated career please let me know who they are? We will get something going on them.

This is the first time we have done a series of stories on wrestlers path to success so is it really fair to critisize us for not doing more when we have NEVER done it before? Let's see how this goes and if we will do it again. It has to be the right wrestlers, the right writer and the right time. Everyone has a story but trust me we can't tell everyone's story. Especially for FREE, like this website provides.

I am well aware of the wrestlers you listed BTW. We do many features on wrestler all of the time. Did you not see my video interviews from the floor of the National Duals with all sorts of non DI wrestlers last season?

With that said we will look into doing more on non DI wrestlers. But with this new program coming for covering high school duals all over the state I may not be able to do it personally. I only have so much free time with family, a son wrestling and graduating college, work and school for myself (completiting a Master's this spring) plus I officiate two sports at the college level. In fact I wrote part five of The Journal at 1 a.m. so my time is very limited but I do the best I can.

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