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Ok Chief, you have given us the ever optimistic view of the dual and team, so now I will give you my cynical/realist view. Pio at 125 wins against the backup and if he could have finished the way he started it would have been bonus points and a dual victory. According to wrestlestat ( who you think hated the Illini) had Duncan winning 9-4. If Duncan is injured as you say then that just shows the lack of talent behind him. I have nothing bad to say about Carr at 141, he keeps beating top 10 guys. I will put 149,197, and heavy all together in the glaring lack of depth on this current roster. Barone seemed to run out of gas against another backup, but overall he has been a bright spot. Gunther at 165 probably does not qualify for the NCAA'S. James looked good but again against a backup. Parker beats the guys he is supposed to but I do not believe he has a top 10 win this year. Hopefully he catches fire like last season. Overall I only see 4-5 qualifiers this year. Hopefully I am wrong but I am a realist.

By the way the secret message that followed the "white rabbit" was in the last, far right line of numbers and letters on the picture at the top of the original post in this thread. Spelled out vertically in white letters was the word "rabbit." What followed that was the secret message, also vertical, which read, "F the badgers."

I think the ILLINI qualify eight. The individuals on this team will have crazy-high RPIs. If there are any of those eight who fail to nail down one of the conference's allotments at his weight, he'll get pulled in with a wild card. The RPIs will be too good to ignore.

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