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Originally Posted by mckbln View Post
Never said it did. My biggest issue with this whole incident has nothing to do with self-defense.

Regarding the shooting, two things that bother me are the fact that Zimmerman, probably a wanta-be cop running around with a gun (legally) did not heed the advice of the dispatcher, or that the police department did not investigate the incident. I think when all is said and done, he will be punished. I do not buy the self-defense claim based on the "Stand Your Ground" law.

My biggest issue with this tragic incident has to do with a problem I have with the media and the way things get twisted or how facts get misreported, and that the agenda-pushing race-baiters always jump into these incidents sans all the facts, yet are NEVER held accountable for their actions.

1. The pictures initially posted were biased; consider this:

2. The latest FACTS, which include eyewitness reports clearly show that Trayvon was no angel, despite attempts to portray him that way, and he DID attack and beat-up Zimmerman.

3. I am sick and damn tired of every tragedy involving a black person automatically being about race; it's total BS and it is only being fueled by the race-baiting agenda-pushing A$$-wipes like Sharpton and Jackson, and oh yea...throw in the racist org New Black Panthers.

4. Hurricane Katrina: a disaster of a huge magnitude, made worse by media embelishment and out right lies. When all the facts came out, 99% of the things that they tried to sensationalize turned out to be complete fabrications.

5. The Duke LaCrosse Team scandal: Another example of complete and utter media embelishment and racial hype that, once all the facts came out, was based on a complete lie. While the idiot states attorney who basically dove into this for political reasons was rightfully removed and disbarred, TO THIS DAY neither Jackson or Sharpton have ever appologized for their accustaions/actions...that were WRONNNGGGG!!!!!

Ever read "Bonfire of the Vanities"? If you have you will catch my drift.
I was going to bolden the parts I agree with, but it was ended being pretty much the whole thing. The facts of the case no longer matter to most. It has certainly now become about what can you get out of this.

Sharpton and Jackson are unbelievable in these situations. I won't be surprised if we get another Reginald Denny situation(Rodney King trial) before this is all over.
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