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Originally Posted by RAMbunctious View Post
3.121 No student at a member school shall participate on an all-star team in basketball,football,soccer or volleyball during the
studentís high school career until completing their interscholastic athletic eligibility in that particular sport. A student
may participate in no more than three (3) all-star contestsin a sport.

True that this by-law only specifies football, basketball, soccer, & volleyball, but I would want to see written approval from the IHSA specifiying that it was ok, before I would allow an underclassman to wrestle in an "all-star" dual. After 41 years as a high school coach in Illinois, I have learned to only trust written verification from the IHSA about specific situations. To say I don't always trust them with the gray areas would be an understatement.
It's already been happening. Wouldn't the dual teams that go to the Scholastic duals, Disney, Virginia Beach, etc be considered all star teams?