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This is a discrimination rule. Quit whining about the one year difference. 14, 15, 13 who cares? If you cannot hang with the big dogs then get out of the pool. This is just another way the state of Illinois tries to hold back people of color. Everyone already knows we are more athletic and have a lot more rhythm. That is why they put us in the worst schools.

Seriously, if you lily white fairies that prance around the suburbs had to go to the same schools as these Harvey Twisters then little Johnny Suburbs would be too busy getting beat to a pulp and giving his lunch money up to know how to spell.

Our student- athletes are getting prepared for the high school level in all aspects, they may need that extra year to catch up emotionally, socially or even academically. You guys can whine about not winning a middle school state title, but you are not winning it in high school because daddy cannot buy it from you. God, this sport just bows down to the white man and their dad. It is sickening.
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