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Why is everyone speaking for Marmion....

What is interesting to me is that no one from Marmion coaching staff has said a word about being offended by my piece. In fact I received a note today from a coach on the Marmion staff that says he agrees with what I said in it's entirely. He indicated that Marmion has taken what I and others have said to heart and are learning from the experience.

I will never mince words in my column. That is why I was given the column in the first place. It is the place where I will continue to speak my mind as I stated in my very first column.

I will continue to ask the tough questions that others only think but won't ask. And I will continue to seek the tough answers that some will only give to a select few in the wrestling media. One sure way to avoid controversial comments is to not do controversial things.

I don't think the Marmion coaches are offended therefore I won't change my style. Marmion found me to indicate they had no problem and so can any other coach find me should I decide to write about their programs or actions either negative or positive.

If everything I wrote was politically correct then that would not be me. I must continue to be me. If the day comes when I am asked to be someone other than Andre' Morgan then that will be my last day involved with wrestling.

Consider me the Jay Mariotti of the wrestling media...

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