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Numbers look good for Cadet freestylers

Illinois took quite a few tough losses Wednesday night. Overall, though, the numbers still look pretty good going into Thursday’s first session.

Illinois has 20 in the quarterfinals. We had 33 going into the round of 16, so as long as more than half keep winning, the numbers look good compared to other states, which continue to keep the pressure on.

Pennsylvania is next with 13 in the quarterfinals. No other state is in double figures.

Here are the numbers for the leading states as we enter this morning’s wrestling:

Illinois – 20 in the quarterfinals, 25 in consolations

Pennsylvania – 13 in the quarterfinals, 17 in consolations

Ohio – 9 in the quarterfinals, 9 in consolations

Missouri – 7 in the quarterfinals, 8 in consolations

Indiana – 7 in the quarterfinals, 6 in consolations

New Jersey – 6 in the quarterfinals, 9 in consolations

Minnesota – 5 in the quarterfinals, 14 in consolations

Iowa – 5 in the quarterfinals, 9 in consolations

California – 4 in the quarterfinals, 12 in consolations

Good luck to all this morning!
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