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not shaking hands

Originally Posted by Crystal Clearly View Post
I guess you REALLY don't like shaking hands if you decided to respond to my same response twice.....

Maybe kids in Iowa don't have any class, maybe their coaches don't have any class.

It seems to me if any state, including Iowa, has to implement a "rule... that no wrestler will shake the opposing coaches hand during a dual meet, or they will be deducted a team point." then they don't have much of a sense of decency or teach their kids sportsmanship if they are worried that "if a kid loses, is throwing a fit, says something or a kid on the bench says something to them then a situation could be started that is now only doing more harm than good."
I think it does more harm to take a kid away from a situation where they would have to show dignity and respect to their opponent, regardless of the outcome.

If your wrestlers on the bench can't show respect and they say something to the opposing wrestler then the coach should reprimand him, if he doesn't, then he doesn't deserve respect from his kids.
If they do it in the first place, he doesn't have much, if any respect from his kids.

There is no way any of the kids that I coached would have said anything to the opposing team other than encouraging words or congratulations, or they would have had to deal with me.
It was that way when I was a kid, it should be the same now, respect your opponents, your coaches and the sport.

I have seen plenty of kids, at all levels, throw fits in duals and tournaments in Illinois, Iowa etc. and every time I have seen the coach tell the kid to shake hands - then they will have words with that kid later on and explain to him how stupid he looked.

Wrestling is an emotional sport, but if you think that it is SO emotional that a kid shouldn't have to show respect to his opponent, his opposing coaches or to the sport itself, then I don't know what else I could say to you.

Win with class, lose with dignity.
I think the main reason they went away with it aside from a get being mad when he or she goes oer to other coach is that in a dual meet situation the other coach is trying to get his next guy ready. Might be doing strategy on who to report and has things on his own team to take care of rather than shaking another kids hand for the possibly the 3rd time that night. And one final thought. If you are judging a kid or teams character based on if they shake the other coaches hand then obviously all that hand shaking you did with the other coach did not help mold you into a better person or teach you respect.
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