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Originally Posted by GrossNoises View Post
They are already at Carbondale getting pounded out. Just go to Rochester, Unity and Mt. Olive, they are JV quality tournaments for you to get your mismatched singlet kids home by noon so they can tend to their moonshine fields.
I appreciate all the info from everyone! Especially you GrossNoises. You have been very helpful to myself and the kids that Iím going to coach. This will be my first year coaching at the high school level. Yes our kids have mismatched singlets and we are a 1A school in a town of 4000 people! But I wasnít aware there were guidelines on this 1A forum as to the questions that could be asked. Nor was I aware that in the 1A forum all that was talked about was how great kids from 3A schools were? Itís funny to me that you would belittle kids that go to practice everyday and try to do their best, end up losing most of their matches and yet still find the courage to do it all again the next day. Iím not sure if you are a coach or a former wrestler and truth be told it really doesnít mean squat to me, but ones things for sure is that you could learn a lot from the kids I will be coaching this year, like what it is to have heart and courage! So once again thanks for the info you provided.
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