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New Season

Hello all. This is the first blog of the new wrestling season, and I will try to keep it updated as much as possible with interviews to come later on as well. If anyone has any ideas for a blog or an interview, let me know and I will do my best to address those issues and talk to those people who you want to hear from.

For me, wrestling season begins with an adjustment - I had exactly one day off between coaching soccer and coaching wrestling. Of course, I wouldn't want it any other way - we played in the state championship game for the second year in a row in soccer, this time coming up just a bit short against St Viator, losing 1-0. We had beaten St Viator 3-2 earlier in the year, but just couldn't get anything into the net in the championship game. Although second is clearly not the goal for our program, we had a really nice season and we have a lot to build on for the future. Mike Bare (ADMIN) does a great job with our soccer kids and it is a lot of fun to work with him and continue to try to get our program to the next level. We have been coaching the soccer team here for 3 years, have been to the state title game 2 of those seasons (the last 2), and will look to continue that streak here next year.

So, soccer ended on a Saturday, and wrestling began on a Monday, so it was back to work right away for me. Like I said - I enjoy it that way. I like to stay busy, plus I don't mind only have one day off if it means we are playing for a state title every year. Our wrestling team is continuing to make strides to become one of the better programs in our area, and we actually have a good handful of freshmen who have wrestled before they entered high school, which is a first for our program. I am excited for this season with our kids, and they are excited as well. We have a lot of room to improve, but they have been working hard to make big leaps this year.

This coming Sunday, we will travel to Ames, IA to watch Duke and the #2 Cyclones take on the #1 Hawkeyes. It should be a great dual. There are a lot of toss-up matches and hopefully the home crowd can pull the Cyclones through. Duke will wrestle Jay Borschel again. They have met twice with Borschel winning both. He is tough and wrestles hard, and is probably the favorite heading into the match. But, this is the healthiest Duke has been heading into a match again Borschel, so I am looking for a good match and a different outcome this year. Iowa St has a nice lineup and some dangerous weapons, and if they can put things together and stay healthy at the end of the year, I think they will make a run at Iowa. But, this weekend is first, and hopefully they come out and take care of business. From what I have seen and heard, the new staff at ISU really has done a great job getting these kids to buy in and to motivate them in ways that I did not see last year. Let's hope that continues and results in some big wins for the Cyclones.

Other than that, I don't have much right now. Again, let me know if you guys have any good ideas for blogs - I will write about anything pretty much, just let me know what you want to read about. Also, I have some ideas for interviews, but would love to get your ideas as well. Thanks guys, and good luck to all the wrestlers out there. The next 2-3 months are the most exciting of the year, so enjoy yourselves.

- Danny
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