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The Cascone side of things my memory will be pretty good. NOT PERFECT THOUGH. Joey was the 1st IKWF State Champ I ever coached. His freshman year St. Laurence was loaded with upper classmen at and around his weight. His sophomore year he got hit with the infamous 1 pt. granby by Danny Evensen in the dual right after sectionals to determine who went downstate as a team between ST.L & Marist. The bout ended in a 1-1 tie. Evensen was the undefeated State Champ that year. His junior year he went 132 as Tino Gonzales was 126 as a senior. The week before Catholic League he called me and asked should I go 126 and have to beat O'Brien or should I go 132 with Gilbert. I answered "that's a lot of confidence for a guy who hasn't even qualified for State yet."
I then asked him which weight did he think he had a better chance to make the finals as both O'B and Gilbert were in his sectional. He said 126, but if I go 126 Billy Guide won't make it out. Billy's grandfather was my coach and started the Vittum Vikings which eventually became the Vittum Cats. Billy and Joey were workout partners in IK. I guess I should explain to this generation that there was actually something called loyalty back then. But I digress. I told Joey he was a senior and Billy was a sophomore and he would be just fine. Joey dropped to 126 for the 1st time that year at CCL and lost to a guy from Gordon Tech (I think). To his credit this did not send him back to 132. He won the regional at 126. At sectionals in the sems he was losing to Mike Mackowiak 1-0 with 3 seconds left as they went out of bounds. On the re-start he hit the quickest switch I have ever seen to win 2-1 (or maybe 3-2). That same switch off the whistle was the difference in the final bout victory over OB. I was standing right next to Joey in the stands(his semi ended 1st) when Gay pulled out the last second win over OB. Oh yeah and 2 yrs. later that Guide kid was standing on the top of the podium for the Caravan.
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