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Originally Posted by Mark Weber View Post
Like i said before. You must be the most popular guy on the boards! You just whip out the names!

And for the record. Ricky Harris never won an IHSA STATE TITLE.
I was wrong about Harris ....if i told ya mr.Web how i came to believe Harris was a state champ and who the person was and where we were at when we discussed this topic ..... you may have may have a breakdown

As for the name dropping i am feeling a bit of hostility directed my way from you it very well be envy tho .....from 86-2000 &2012-2016 im pretty knowledge about the sport .....throughout 2000-2010 had a few hiccups in my life which were self inflicted poor decisions which resulted in me missing out on some of the simpliar things in life for extended periods of time and lost touch with things I enjoyed such as wrestling and competitive sports

Dont hate Web .... Ive got a bunch a useless stats stored away in my memory believe me popularity is something i am far from and other than you rarely described as ....talking wrestling present past and future keeps me from paying $75 a hour on some shrinks couch
And i was corrected twice on bormet and harris so i bet review my notes im slacking as of latr
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