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Been away, and need some assistance

Hey guys. Long time no see. Too long, as far as I can tell. I hope to do something about that next season. Of course, two guys I followed for three years running -- Adam Sheley and Cameron Vance, who were on the Times' season preview cover photo -- both won state titles and I wasn't there to see it.

Look for something I'm putting together with all the local western Illinois champs, a roundtable of sorts, that I hope to publish here in early July (Joe Roth and Ryan Gilbert, I'm looking for you, so please PM me, or someone who has their contact info please do so).

But for now, I need some help, and the kind of help I need, the wrestling community is the perfect community to give it.

Those of you who've seen me know that I'm not exactly a small person. It didn't always used to be that way. I ran 20 miles a week not all that long ago, though I never could have been considered to be as well-conditioned as any wrestler.

I need to work some of this extra baggage off and I need to do it safely, and within the confines of my employment situation. I work days until 4 p.m., though often it can be later, as I work in a deadline environment. Then I work nights for two different Iowa-side newspapers (that may change, one never knows, but for now it is what it is). So I am often gone and on the run from 7 a.m. until midnight, five nights a week, plus usually long days on Saturdays.

For those of you who don't know me personally, think of it this way: A very out-of-shape heavyweight has just joined your wrestling team. He needs to get down to 285 (sadly, this is my case as well, I'd actually like to get below that, but goals are goals). Think of him as not very athletic. I know that a wrestling coach would be a lot more aggressive with a teenager in this condition than someone offering would be to a fellow wrestling-community member, but if anyone knows how to lose weight and get into shape safely, it's a wrestler.

Please feel free to comment. Speak freely if you feel the need, but I really need to hear from you, so if you're more comfortable sending private messages, that's fine too. You can even rip me for letting myself go. You won't beat me up any more so than I do myself, but if you also offer some assistance, I'm even more likely to listen.

I have four children, one of whom thinks he wants to wrestle for Moline in about six or seven years. I would prefer, all other things being equal, to be able to see him do that, and see my other children grow up and have families of their own -- not to mention watch several more Illinois state tournaments. You have no idea how much missing this year's -- after being on site for each of the past eight -- killed me. So this is a serious blog about a serious matter, and I've come to appreciate you here. I need your assistance, more than at any other time.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your responses.

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