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Originally Posted by South Cider View Post
Weak statement. of all the private schools across the country. (over 2ooo of them) Br Rice is always ranked in the top 50 with St Ignatius and Loyola. Marist and Fenwick are not. But then what is the criteria for judgement? St Rita has 5 going to ivy league. Kids going to a Big ten school? Providence has 17. Marist parents drinking in a bar on 111th st talking how great their world is?
Oh and by the way when it comes to academics Marist has 7 kids playing football in the Ivy league alone, 10 kids wrestling in college including 2 big ten schools and our Math team just beat Br. Rice's math team by 800 points(not an exaggeration) in a numbers fight. ( I'm assuming that is the term they use instead of dual meets)
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