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Originally Posted by mckbln View Post
Dear Joe Jit-chop-suey...

Idiots speak as idiots will...anything else you have to say? Kind of like you usually do and make no real sense or points...EVER.

BTW...bought an awesome new AR-15 from Springfield Armory, SAINT 5.56mm...had it out at the range a few weeks ago, finished modding it and DAMN it really shoots accurately! I think I will buy a Ruger Precision .308 next...with a Leupold 4X16 50mm scope and Harris bipod. Once zeroed I can hit a 4" bulls eye at 600yds easily. Does any of this bother you? Damn I hope so...

Mack aka "The Executioner"

AMEN...God bless the GOP and their choice for Commander in Chief..

The 2nd Ammendment was written when people had muskets and slingshots...Mr. Exequeefener.

What's wrong with chop-suey, lol?

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