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Originally Posted by joe-jitsu View Post
8 months in to this lunatic's regime and Mack is boldly beating his chest proclaiming himself "Executioner."

Trump bless us all!

"Make America GREATER Again!!! Send the Blacks back to Africa!!"--- GOP Presidengial candidate circa 2024.

Not as far-fetched as you'd care to believe.
No, actually you are pretty much a lunatic troll who has lost his grip and It's easy to push your button any time and make you pop like a jack-in-the-box. I didn't even vote for Trump BTW, in fact I didn't vote for any of the presidential candidates in the last election because they all Obama did, whose a$$ you still kiss...but hey...keep on removing all doubt every time you post. It's great entertainment. I will continue to invoke Mark Twain when I respond to your rants.

"On the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away..."

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