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Originally Posted by joe-jitsu View Post
AMEN...God bless the GOP and their choice for Commander in Chief..

The 2nd Ammendment was written when people had muskets and slingshots...Mr. Exequeefener.

What's wrong with chop-suey, lol?
Hey JuiQEENIEBITCH...the 2nd Amendment says right to bear arms...not right to bear muskets; that is one of the oldest and dumbest arguments around. The right to bear arms means exactly that and they didn't mean anything other than that because it's a constitutional right, not some idiotic interpretation on technology.
I laugh at your ignorance...and fear. You are a bona-fide *****...and it cracks me up. Hey, if you ever want to learn how to shoot, hit me up and meet me at the range. I promise the shotgun won't break your arm...

"On the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away..."

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