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Originally Posted by Truth is Out There View Post
We have no better gun control measures than we currently do for the same reason we have abortion.

No law is going to stop either practice from continuing.

There will still be gun violence.

There will still be abortions.

No matter what the laws around each are changed to.

I find both abhorrent, as do most.

I particularly cringe when I see people championing the cause of a "woman's right to choose". Just another false narrative that the flock has bought into. I understand the NEED to keep abortion legal even though I reject it on a moral level. But that's my choice.

The simplest matter of the fact remains that the safety of all individuals is paramount.

Just as none of us would want some troubled female to be having a back-alley abortion which puts her own life at risk, neither should we deny anyone the right to protect themselves as they see fit. And that includes guns. Semi-automatic guns.

I can agree with more scrutiny for allowing any citizen to have an automatic weapon. We already have this. It's not a problem. Those really aren't defensive weapons as much as they're weapons designed to kill large amounts of people efficiently.

Just my change for a nickel.

Which innocent bystanders get hurt when a girl has an abortion? I mean, beside the ones you'd be dead-set against giving WIC or a Link card to anyway.

Mind boggling that you compare the two.

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