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Old 03-23-2019
jay31 jay31 is offline
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Originally Posted by Nelson*0.5 View Post
The grammar police report indicates you redeemed yourself with the accent over the e.
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Old 03-24-2019
Crystal Clearly Crystal Clearly is offline
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Originally Posted by Nelson*0.5 View Post
I'm going to go out of character because I just can't resist. Dude... You were dead wrong and I couldn't have been more right. But because I'm a good guy, I'll offer you first dibs on my "How to Make NCAA Picks" seminar next year. You could definitely use it. I'll give you a sneak peak on the key point from lesson #1. It's called "get a clue" and never question those more knowledgeable than you. Lol. Sorry..... But I'm not.
Sometimes.... Even an arrogant pr!ck like myself knows that a big time coach made a bad choice. ��
I was "dead wrong" for making my picks?

I offered my picks to Chiefillini's contest. Was Parris a bad pick? Yes. So the ***** what. It was a long shot (as I said it was). I'm sure, in hindsight, many of our pick turned out to be. That's wrestling. Any given day... and so forth.
Were ALL of your picks perfect? (Doubtful)

Because you were proven, in your mind, that you were right, doesn't make you more knowledgeable than me or anyone.

If your vast knowledge and foresight into everything wrestling were half as good as you imagine it is then I would think that Cael Sanderson, Tom Brands, Tom Ryan, Sean Bormet and John Smith have to be scared $hitless that they will be out of a job as soon as word gets around about your expertise. (Dude)

Oh, let me know when and where the seminar is......
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