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Originally Posted by Blonjuan44 View Post

Ukraine is not the 3rd most corrupt country. The question is, do you believe the President of the United States is the most powerful person in the World?

If yes, then his malfeasance is different than anyone else's. (That is a popular saying, but who is the one person in the world Trump has not made a nick-name for and believes over his own country?) The "but other people are naughty argument is silly". Biden doesn't work for the country, is he the biggest problem requiring focus? I like Trumps "let them fight" argument, its like a 5th grader going against an NFL player...its murder, not punches...but let them fight in the cases he refers to...unless they have heel spurs of course...silly.
I usually have a hard time finding a point in your posts.
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Old 2 Days Ago
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As usual, your cut-and-paste responses are so drawn out.....

I made it as far as I could before your constant deflecting, spinning, brainwashed rambling bored me to tears.

I pointed out to you that Joe Biden called for the firing of the corrupt prosecutor because he was dragging his feet, or doing nothing in the way of investigating corruption in Ukraine, as many of the governments around the world were.
Your masters choose to cling to that as proof of Joe Biden's corruption and the sheep like you keep spewing it as if it were gospel.

The easiest way to tell that Trump is is guilty is simply to consider the lengths he goes to:
- To block anyone from seeing his tax returns.
- To block any current or former member of his staff/cabinet, who has direct knowledge of the phone call from testifying.
- Smear the reputation of anyone who does testify.
- Distance himself from anyone who is implicated/indicted/convicted of a crime or wrongdoing whilst directly working for him or working for someone who directly works for him.

Innocent people;
Do not try to hide from those investigating them.
They do not sue to keep information that (supposedly) would clear them hidden. (Especially when they have REPEATEDLY said that they would release it.)
They do not defy subpoenas, or order (or even persuade) others to.
They do not circumvent the normal investigative channels (FBI, CIA, Interpol) by sending their personal lawyer, (not his investigators, but HIM) to "investigate" corruption in a country that Trump doesn't care about.
They do not intimidate witnesses.
They do not constantly lie.

The lengths you go to defend Trump, deflect attention away from him to others like Biden, the Clinton's, Obama or whoever, spin the narrative, persuade people into thinking that the media is involved in a conspiracy with Democrats to bury Trump because Hillary lost, is simply amazing.

You do not sound like a stupid person, just very impressionable and easily persuaded into a way of thinking, then firm in your belief once you are indoctrinated.

That is known as radicalization.

Not unlike those Americans who join ISIS.

Trump has to know that this is the same route Nixon took when he was impeached.
It didn't work out too well for him.
The difference now is that there is a Republican majority in the Senate.

That may be the ONLY thing that saves him from removal.

Unfortunately, the damage he does (and has done) to American democracy may be irreparable.

It would be laughable if it weren't so sad.

(I chose not to quote your post so as not to subject everyone else to your sadness.)
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Old 2 Days Ago
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Join Date: Nov 2008
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The New York Times is pushing right wing conspiracy theories?

Show me the evidence that Biden fired a corrupt prosecutor. I will read it...all of it. I showed you the evidence that Shokin (the prosecutor that Biden fired)was investigating Bides son. It's irrelevant if Shokin was corrupt...Biden fired the prosecutor that was investigating his son, and he used tax dollars to do it.

I also showed you evidence that our Ambassador, (the Russian chick) pressured Shokin to stop the investigation into the company that Biden was working for.

I also showed you evidence that two Ukrainians were prosecuted for interfering with the 2016 can listen to him (Sytnik) in his own words to him describing how he did it.

There is also the fact that Ukrainians that wanted to bring this evidence to the United States were denied travel visas by the State Department.

I am only stating provable, documented, undeniable me some evidence that I am wrong.

If you watched the impeachment hearing...if you were aware of the allegations that I am discussing, you would have heard and understood the committee members arguing over some of the same things that I am talking about...and others that I have not brought up yet.

Trump should never cooperate with any request or Subpoena...They are not looking for anything that will not damage him in some way.

I think if you reread my posts you will find that I seldom defend Trump. My arguments are predominantly against Democrats.
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Old 2 Days Ago
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Originally Posted by Blonjuan44 View Post
Why talk about the whistleblower?
The Republicans would really like to talk to the Whistleblower...there must be some reason for that.
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Old 3 Hours Ago
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Join Date: Nov 2008
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I understand it is your eyewitness testimony that you saw Trump strangling the deceased woman in Central Park. I was standing right next to you...I saw Trump heroically performing CPR and trying to save her...............unless he was groping a corpse.

It is amazing how so many people see the same set of facts so differently. least we know who the leaker is now...he is the Russian dude that testified today. I think he committed perjury when he said that he does not know who the whistleblower is. Besides the fact that everybody knows who the whistleblower is, he told him about the call.

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