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Old 05-15-2019
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Nolf Bumps to Challenge IMAR

Nolf bumps up to 74 kg, plus other interesting stories leading into Raleigh's World Team Trials

While registration for this weekend’s World Team Trials Challenge Tournament won’t close until tonight, here are some interesting story lines leading up to the event, which will feature men’s freestyle, women’s freestyle and Greco-Roman.

Watch all the action live May 17-19 on

Nolf Going Up
Jason Nolf, who just wrapped up his college career at Penn State, is one of the most dominant wrestlers in NCAA history, claiming three-consecutive NCAA titles with an impressive bonus-win percentage.

With his folkstyle days behind him, Nolf is focused solely on freestyle.

The Nittany Lion has already showed his strength on the Senior level, making the 2017-18 U.S. Senior National Team at 70 kg, so it was no surprise that he put on a great performance at the U.S. Open just a few weeks ago in Las Vegas.

Finishing third at the 2019 U.S. Open, falling only to two-time World medalist James Green, Nolf showed he is a legitimate contender for a World Team spot this year.

However, this weekend, Nolf will not be competing at 70 kg. As of now, he is registered to compete at 74 kg, where 2019 U.S. Open champion and 2018 Final X runner-up Isaiah Martinez is sitting out until the finals.

The winner of the 74 kg class this weekend will go on to face 2012 Olympic champion and four-time World champion Jordan Burroughs in Final X on June 15 in Lincoln, Neb.
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Old 05-16-2019
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This move by Nolf makes no sense. I guess he will have to go up next year, but why now?
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Old 05-16-2019
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Originally Posted by will-I-am View Post
This move by Nolf makes no sense. I guess he will have to go up next year, but why now?
Why would he have to go up next year? Who are the current spots held by? How often is the top spot challenged per year?
There are two guys in that zebra costume! Very funny...
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Old 05-16-2019
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Originally Posted by Blonjuan44 View Post
Why would he have to go up next year? Who are the current spots held by? How often is the top spot challenged per year?
Next year is an Olympic year. No 70KG in the Olympics.
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Old 05-18-2019
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Quarterfinal Results
57 kilograms:
Thomas Gilman bye
Frank Perrelli tech. fall Zach Sanders, 14-3 4:58
Darian Cruz dec. Joshua Rodriguez, 3-2
Jack Mueller dec. Zane Richards, 7-5

61 kilograms:
Nico Megaludis tech. fall Sean Fausz, 10-0 4:23
Tony Ramos dec. Cory Clark, 6-1
Tyler Graff dec. Earl Hall, 7-4
Joey Palmer dec. Shelton Mack, 7-1

65 kilograms:
Zain Retherford tech. fall Dean Heil, 10-0 2:42
Frank Molinaro dec. Jaydin Eierman, 11-7
Dom Demas tech. fall Jayson Ness, 12-0 3:27
Jordan Oliver dec. Kanen Storr, 6-2

70 kilograms:
James Green dec. Mario Mason, 5-3
Brandon Sorensen dec. Nazar Kulchytskyy, 5-1
Jason Chamberlain dec. Alec Pantaleo, 3-2
Anthony Ashnault dec. Hayden Hidlay, 5-4

74 kilograms:
Thomas Gantt dec. Joey LaVallee, 9-3
Logan Massa dec. Richie Lewis, 5-0
Jason Nolf tech. fall Brian Murphy, 12-2 3:22
Anthony Valencia dec. Dan Vallimont, 6-0

79 kilograms:
Zahid Valencia bye
Geno Morelli dec. Matthew Finesilver, 7-1
Nick Becker dec. Stacey Davis, 8-0
Mark Hall tech. fall Ben Harvey, 10-0 3:22

86 kilograms:
Nick Heflin tech. fall Nino Bonaccorsi, 10-0 2:37
Myles Martin dec. Nathan Jackson, 5-0
Brett Pfarr dec. Kenneth Courts, 6-0
Sam Brooks tech. fall Drew Foster, 14-4 4:11

92 kilograms:
Hayden Zillmer bye
Kollin Moore tech. fall Riley Lefever, 11-0 3:35
T.J. Dudley dec. Timmy McCall, 10-6
Michael Macchiavello dec. Scottie Boykin, 10-6

97 kilograms:
Ben Honis bye
Kevin Beazley dec. Michael Boykin, 3-2
Daniel Chaid tech. fall Jeremiah Imonode, 12-2 2:09
Ty Walz bye
"It's not the six minutes, it's what happens in those six minutes"
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Old 05-18-2019
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Final X Spots on the line: Men's freestyle best-of-three finals set

BY MIKE WILLIS | MAY 18, 2019, 9:47 P.M. (ET)

The Senior Men’s freestyle best-of-three finals are set at the World Team Trials Challenge Tournament. The winners of tomorrow’s matches will compete for a World Team spot later this summer at Final X.

At 57 kg we will see Thomas Gilman squaring off with Darian Cruz. Gilman defeated Frank Perelli in the semifinals, 10-0, and Cruz defeated Jack Mueller, 7-5. In 2017, Darian Cruz won an NCAA title, defeating Gilman (who was the No.1 seed) in the semifinals. The winner will face 2019 U.S. Open Champion, Daton Fix in Final X.

61 kg will feature Tyler Graff and Cody Brewer. Brewer earned a spot in the best-of-three finals by winning the 2019 U.S. Open over Nico Megaludis. Graff defeated Megaludis in the Challenge Tournament finals, 6-4, for the opportunity to face Brewer. Sitting in Final X is returning World bronze medalist, Joe Colon.

Zain Retherford and Jordan Oliver will meet in the 65 kg finals. The pair have wrestled several times, and Retherford has yet to beat Oliver. In the semifinals Oliver defeated Dom Demas 6-2 in the semifinals, and in a 2017 World Team finals rematch, Retherford defeated Frank Molinaro again, 6-1. Sitting in Final X is Yianni Diakomihalis. Diakomihalis defeated both Retherford and Molinaro at the Open.

Several weeks ago Anthony Ashnault and James Green wrestled an exhibition bout at Beat the Streets Grapple in the Garden, with Green coming away the victor. Tomorrow, they will wrestle again but this time with Final X on the line. Open champion Ryan Deakin waits in Final X.

Jason Nolf and Isaiah Martinez will renew their college rivalry in the 74 kg finals. Nolf placed third at the Open at 70 kg and bumped up to 74 kg for the Challenge Tournament. He defeated Logan Massa in the Challenge Tournament finals, 7-2, to make it to the best-of-three finals. Martinez won the Open at 74 kg to earn the direct bye to the best-of-three. The legendary Jordan Burroughs waits in Final X.

In a rematch of last year’s best-of-three finals, Zahid Valencia will face of with Alex Dieringer. In 2018, Valencia defeated Dieringer in two-straight matches. Dieringer won the Open to get the bye to the best-of-three finals. Valencia did not compete in the Open, and defeated college rival Mark Hall 5-0 in the Challenge Tournament finals. Returning World champion Kyle Dake sits in Final X.

Challenge Tournament champion Nick Heflin will have an Open finals rematch with Pat Downey at 86 kg. Downey defeated Heflin 10-4. To reach Downey, Heflin downed Sammy Brooks, 9-6 in the Challenge Tournament Finals. Returning World Champion David Taylor is already in Final X.

Michael Macchiavello will take on Open champion Bo Nickal in the 92 kg best-of-three finals. Macchiavello defeated No. 2 on the National Team ladder, Haden Zilmer in the Challenge Tournament finals, 3-0. At the Open, Nickal defeated Macchiavello in the semifinals, 14-4. Sitting in Final X is 2019 World Champion, J’den Cox.

Ty Walz won the Challenge Tournament at 97 kg, defeating Kevin Beazley in the finals, 11-4. He will face Open champion Kyven Gadson in the best-of-three finals. Kyle Snyder waits in Final X.

Gable Steveson avenged a loss from last year’s Challenge Tournament Trials finals to Tony Nelson, 5-1. Nelson defeated Steveson, 5-4 at the 2018 Tournament. Steveson will face Open Champion, Adam Coon in the best-of-three finals. Coon won by technical fall over Steveson at the 2018 Open.

Best-of-three finals

57 kg- Thomas Gilman vs. Darian Cruz

61 kg- Tyler Graff vs. Cody Brewer

65 kg- Zain Retherford vs. Jordan Oliver

70 kg- James Green vs. Anthony Ashnault

74 kg- Jason Nolf vs. Isaiah Martinez

79 kg- Zahid Valencia vs. Alex Dieringer

86 kg- Nick Heflin vs. Pat Downey

92 kg- Michael Macchiavello vs. Pat Downey

97 kg- Ty Walz vs. Kyven Gadson

125 kg- Gable Steveson vs. Adam Coon

Challenge Tournaments finals results

61 kg
Tyler Graff (TMWC/NJRTC) dec Nico Megaludis (TMWC/PWC) 6-4

74 kg
Jason Nolf (NLWC) dec Logan Massa (CKWC) 7-2

79 kg
Zahid Valencia (Sunkist Kids) dec Mark Hall (NLWC) 5-0

86 kg
Nick Heflin (TMWC/OKRTC) dec Sammy Brooks (HWC) 9-6

92 kg
Michael Macchiavello (TMWC/Wolfpack WC) dec Hayden Zilmer (MN Storm) 3-0

97 kg
Ty Walz (TMWC/SERTC) dec Kevin Beazley (NYAC) 11-4

125 kg
Gable Steveson (MNRTC) dec Tony Nelson (MN Storm) 5-1

Semifinals Results
57 kg
Thomas Gilman (TMWC/HWC) TF Frank Perrelli (TMWC/LVAC) 10-0
Darian Cruz (LVAC) dec Jack Mueller (TMWC/CWC) 7-5

61 kg
Nico Megaludis (TMWC/PWC) TF Tony Ramos (Sunkist Kids) 11-1
Tyler Graff (TMWC/NJRTC) dec Joey Palmer (Unattached) 4-0

65 kg
Zain Retherford (NLWC) dec Frank Molinaro (TMWC/OKRTC) 6-1
Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids) dec.Dom Demas (TMWC/OKRTC) 6-2

70 kg
James Green (Sunkist Kids) TF Brandon Sorenson (TMWC/HWC) 10-0
Anthony Ashnault (SKWC) dec Jason Chamberlain (TMWC/Valley RTC) 2-1

74 kg
Logan Massa (CKWC) dec Tommy Gantt (TMWC/Wolfpack WC) 5-4
Jason Nolf (NLWC) dec Anthony Valencia (Sunkist Kids) 7-0

79 kg
Zahid Valencia (Sunkist Kids) TF Geno Morelli (NLWC) 10-0
Mark Hall (NLWC) dec Nick Becker (BRTC) 6-4

86 kg
Nick Heflin (TMWC/OKRTC) dec Myles Martin (TMWC/ORTC) 4-1
Sammy Brooks (HWC) dec Brett Pfarr (MN STORM) 5-3

92 kg
Hayden Zilmer (MN Storm) vs. Kollin Moore (TMWC/ORTC) 12-10
Michael Macchiavello (TMWC/Wolfpack WC) dec Tim Dudley (NWTC) 5-3

97 kg
Kevin Beazley (NYAC) dec Ben Honis (TMWC/FLWC) 8-8
Ty Walz (TMWC/SERTC) dec Daniel Chaid (CRTC) 12-8

125 kg
Anthony Nelson (MN Storm) dec Derek White (TMWC/CRTC) 3-0
Gable Steveson (MNRTC) dec Dom Bradley (Sunkist Kids) 7-3
"It's not the six minutes, it's what happens in those six minutes"
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Old 05-19-2019
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Gilman, Green, Martinez, Gadson return to Final X; Steveson dominates Coon
InterMat Staff


RALEIGH, N.C. -- Four of the 10 champions crowned on Sunday in the freestyle competition at the World Team Trials Challenge Tournament will be making return trips to Final X.

2018 Final X participants Thomas Gilman (57 kilograms), James Green (70 kilograms), Isaiah Martinez (74 kilograms) and Kyven Gadson (97 kilograms) claimed titles on Sunday in Raleigh, N.C.

Three 2019 U.S. Open champions advanced to Final X: Alex Dieringer (79 kilograms), Pat Downey (86 kilograms) and Bo Nickal (92 kilograms).

The other champions crowned on Sunday included Tyler Graff (61 kilograms), Zain Retherford (65 kilograms) and Gable Steveson (125 kilograms).

Gilman, a 2017 world silver medalist, earned his spot in Final X by controlling Darian Cruz in two matches. Gilman blanked Cruz 4-0 in the first match and took the second match 5-2.

He will face U.S. Open champion Daton Fix at Final X. Gilman defeated Fix at last year's Final X, but Fix came back to defeat Gilman at the U.S. Open.

"I think I just need to keep doing the things I'm doing and read the referee and wrestle just a little bit smarter," said Gilman. "I gave up a couple points that I really just didn't need to give up. I need to read the referee a little bit better. If I do that, then I'm doing pretty good."

Green, a two-time world medalist, picked up a 10-0 technical fall over 2019 NCAA champion Anthony Ashnault in their opening match at 70 kilograms. Ashnault sustained an injury in the match and was forced to forfeit the second match, giving Green the victory.

Martinez needed three matches to top three-time NCAA champion Jason Nolf at 74 kilograms. The first match went to Martinez, 7-4. Nolf, who recently moved up from 70 kilograms, battled back to win the second match, scoring with a four-point moving as time expired for a come-from-behind 7-5 victory. Martinez closed it out the series by winning the third and deciding match by technical fall, 12-2. He will now face Jordan Burroughs at Final X.

"I feel good," said Martinez. "I'm in a good place. I'm so excited to see where I'm at and try to win this and be the best in the world because that's ultimately what I want."

Dieringer exacted revenge on Zahid Valencia from last year's World Team Trials Challenge Tournament. A year ago, Valencia dominated Dieringer, outscoring him 12-1 to earn a spot in Final X. This year it was all Dieringer as he claimed two straight technical falls over Valencia, outscoring him 24-3. Dieringer will meet returning world champion Kyle Dake at Final X.

Downey, who won his first U.S. Open title in April, added a World Team Trials Challenge title to his resume by defeating Nick Heflin in two straight matches at 86 kilograms. Downey used a late takedown to win the first match 6-2 before closing out the series with a 4-0 victory. He will face world champion David Taylor at Final X.

Nickal, a Dan Hodge Trophy winner and U.S. Open champion this year, was dominant in picking up two straight shutout victories over Michael Macchiavello. After claiming a 10-0 technical fall in the first match, Nickal closed out the series with a 5-0 win. Next up for Nickal is returning world champion J'den Cox at Final X.

Three-time age group world champion Gable Steveson advanced to Final X with a dominant victory over U.S. Open champion Adam Coon. Steveson, who placed third at the NCAAs this past season, claimed a technical fall in the first match and won 8-1 in the second match. He will meet Nick Gwiazdowski at Final X.

Tyler Graff secured his spot in Final X at 61 kilograms by defeating U.S. Open champion Cody Brewer in two straight matches. The first match saw 38 points scored, with Graff coming out on top 22-16. Graff then earned a fall over Brewer to close out the series. Graff will take on returning world medalist Joe Colon at Final X.

At 65 kilograms, Zain Retherford, a 2017 World Team member, advanced to Final X against Yianni Diakomihalis by edging Jordan Oliver in two matches. Oliver led 6-1 in the opening match before Retherford came back to win 7-6. Retherford then closed out the series with another 7-6 win.

Freestyle best-of-three finals results

57 kilograms: Thomas Gilman over Darian Cruz, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Gilman dec. Cruz, 4-0
Match 2: Gilman dec. Cruz, 5-2

61 kilograms: Tyler Graff over Cody Brewer, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Graff dec. Brewer, 22-16
Match 2: Graff pinned Brewer

65 kilograms: Zain Retherford over Jordan Oliver, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Retherford dec. Oliver, 7-6
Match 2: Retherford dec. Oliver, 7-6

70 kilograms: James Green over Anthony Ashnault, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Green tech fall Ashnault, 10-0
Match 2: Green by forfeit over Ashnault

74 kilograms: Isaiah Martinez over Jason Nolf, 2 matches to 1
Match 1: Martinez dec. Nolf, 9-4
Match 2: Nolf dec. Martinez, 7-5
Match 3: Martinez dec. Nolf, 11-2

79 kilograms: Alex Dieringer over Zahid Valencia, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Dieringer tech. fall Valencia, 12-1
Match 2: Dieringer tech. fall Valencia, 12-2

86 kilograms: Pat Downey over Nick Heflin, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Downey dec. Heflin, 6-2
Match 2: Downey dec. Heflin, 4-0

92 kilograms: Bo Nickal over Michael Macchiavello, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Nickal tech. fall Macchiavello, 10-0
Match 2: Nickal dec. Macchiavello, 5-0

97 kilograms: Kyven Gadson over Ty Walz, 2 matches to 0
Match 1: Gadson dec. Walz, 3-2
Match 2: Gadson dec. Walz, 3-0

125 kilograms: Gable Steveson vs. Adam Coon
Match 1: Steveson tech. fall Coon, 13-3
Match 2: Steveson dec. Coon, 8-1
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Old 05-24-2019
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IMar vs Nolf - three matches. Enjoy!
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