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Old 01-23-2020
Thatwastwo Thatwastwo is offline
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Class A rankings 65-119

No disrespect to Manford, I really appreciate the time he takes to do the rankings but I didn't know he was going to do them for 1A. I spent too much time on this just to shelf it. I went through and put their state series results from last year and their tournament results from this year. There will be errors but bare with me. Some of the kids I couldn't find any Jr High wrestling stats on but did see they are still wrestling at IK. It is too early to tell which way they will go.

1)Peterson-CC(X) 1st @CC and 1st @ Homer
2)Moore-Litchfield(SQ) 1st @ JAX
3)Mosier-Ridgeview(4th@65lbs) 1st @ OLY
4)Heap-Channohan(X) 2nd @ CC
5)Hardesty-Canton(X) 3rd@bloom

1)Scholwin-Pontiac(3rd@65lbs) 1st @ OLY and 1st @Bloom
2)Lindemuth-CC(6th@65lbs) 1st@ CC
4)Waughtel-Carlyle(X) 1st at JDMS
5)Durbin-Lincoln(X) 3rd at JAX

1)Corder-Sandwich(X) 1st @ CC
2)Widlowski-CC(1st@65lbs) 3rd @ CC and 3rd @ Homer
3)Wainwright-Riverdale(2nd@65lbs) 1st @ GEN
4)Mouser-Leroy(SQ) 1st@Oly and 2nd @ Bloom
5)York-Ridgeview(X) 2nd @ Oly

1)Gentsch-Heyworth(2nd@75lbs) 1st @OLY
2)Waughtel-Carlyle(2nd@70lbs) 1st @JDMS
3)Ruckman-Roxana(1st @70lbs) 2nd @JDMS
4)Randle-Matthews(3rd@70lbs) 1st @Matt
5)Dill-Tremont(5th@70lbs) 2nd @OLY

1)Poole-Clinton(4th@80lbs) 1st @OLY and 2nd@Bloom
3)Green-Roxana(4th@75lbs) 2nd @JDMS
4)Finch-CC(SQ) 5th@Homer and 2nd@CC
5)Tay-Ridgeview(4th@70lbs) 3rd@OLY

1)Ruzic-Auburn(1st@80lbs) 1st@JAX
2)Widlowski(2nd@80lbs) 5th@Homer and 1st @ CC
3)Rocky-Matthews(6th@80lbs) 1st @ MATT
4)Crouch-Pontiac(X) 1st @ OLY
5)Thies-Roxana(X) 3rd @ JDMS

2)Campbell-Ridgeview(2nd @85lbs) 1st @ OLY
3)Bergler-Reed Custer(X) 1st @ CC
4)Kern-Sandwich(X) 2nd @ CC
5)Prosser-Leroy(X) 2nd@OLY and 5th @ Bloom

1)Corder-Sandwich(5th@80lbs) 2nd@homer and 1st@CC
2)Dooley-Wilmington(1st@90lbs) 2nd@CC
4)Monson-Mercer(4th@90lbs) 1st@JAX
5)Mark-Tremont(6th@90lbs) 1st@OLY

1)Herman-Peotone(X) 1st@CC
2)Frescura-Channahon(SQ) 3rd@ Homer and 2nd@CC
3)Musil-Eisenhower(X) 1st@homer and 5th@CC
4)O’Connor-Illini Bluffs(X) 1st@OLY
5)Willis-Shelbyville(X) 2nd@JAX

1)Benson-CC(5th@90lbs) 2nd@Homer and 1st@CC
2)Chesier-Matthews(SQ) 1st@Matt
3)Hanneken-MtZion(X) 1st@Olympia

1)Katzmerek-Roxana(2nd@100lbs) 1st@JDMS
2)Johnson-Matthewss(2nd@95lbs) 1st@Matt
3)Glenn-Sandwich(X) 3rd@homer and 2nd@CC

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Old 01-24-2020
Flying Merkel Flying Merkel is offline
Join Date: Feb 2016
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Well done. Nice to see the tournament results next to them
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Old 01-26-2020
Hook-N-Tilt Hook-N-Tilt is offline
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Beat rankings yet. Actual results to verify the rankings.
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Old 01-30-2020
Thatwastwo Thatwastwo is offline
Join Date: Mar 2018
Posts: 47
Thanks. After this weekend I will update the light weights and also put what I have for 126lbs+. What tournaments are going on this weekend? I know Braidwood Reed-Custer and Rockridge was last weekend.
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Old 01-30-2020
MerCty21 MerCty21 is offline
Junior Varsity
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This weekend

I know Orion tournament is this weekend. Sounds like a lot of full brackets and should be a good tournament.
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Old 01-31-2020
IllinoisWrstlng IllinoisWrstlng is offline
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Originally Posted by MerCty21 View Post
I know Orion tournament is this weekend. Sounds like a lot of full brackets and should be a good tournament.

Thought the Orion tournament was canceled this weekend?
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Old 02-03-2020
omschargers omschargers is offline
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The results are on
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Old 02-08-2020
Questionable Ham Questionable Ham is offline
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Deerpath Invite Class A wrestlers I took note of:

80) Randall (Matthews 22-0) won 80
85) Rockey (Matthews 18-2) won 85
90) Kelly (Eisenhower 26-3) won 90
112) Cheshire (Matthews 24-1) Won 112
112) Hill (Oak Grove 15-1) 2nd, Lost to Cheshire 12-8 in final
119) Johnson (Matthews, 19-0) won 119
119) Calhoun (Johnsburg, 15-2) 2nd at 119
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Old 02-09-2020
Chippy Chippy is offline
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Two kids should be added from Westveiw Hills into the rankings. 65 pounds and 105 pounds. The heavier was so dominant at Romeoville yesterday.
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Old 02-09-2020
onyourtoes onyourtoes is offline
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Location: Westmont, IL
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That's Zac Kruse at 105. He's awesome and going to be in the IESA series. He definitely belongs in the rankings.

Are there results from that tournament anywhere?

Last edited by onyourtoes; 02-09-2020 at 11:21 AM.
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