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Old 06-19-2011
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Originally Posted by Hanging out in Cali View Post
Sean is the only person to ever win coach of the year 3x.
John Smith was the first to win the award for the third time when he won it last year. With all of the NLWC members wrestling on the 2011 World Team, I would suspect Cael will win his first next year. Would be unique to be named Nation!al Freestyle Coach of the Year during the 2012 Olympic Trials while being a competitor at the same time!
I wouldn't doubt it if several more Olympic hopefuls showed up at Penn State during the next calendar year.
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Old 06-20-2011
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Originally Posted by Truth is Out There View Post
So is that why Sean won the three freestyle coaching awards? or is he even better? Just asking your opinion.
They are both excellent; I know that Boumans was the runner-up to Brands (won bronze) in the 2000 Olympic trials, and I might be wrong, but I think he has a little bit more interantional competition experience than Sean. Sean has been a huge success at coaching and he was the head coach.

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Old 06-20-2011
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Originally Posted by Anonymous Coward View Post
As the original Anonymous Coward I object. I've not posted on here in months and shouldn't have to take heat for this.

Would a "good coach" force a kid to wrestle injured?

Would a "good person" prevent, NCAA Champion and Olympic Hopeful, Matt Gentry from volunteering to help kids in a local community program?

Would a good person use their influence and power to conceal and deny their transgressions so they can continue business as usual?

I get tired of people rationalizing disgusting behavior under the guise of "business".

I also get tired of "Anonymous Cowards" telling me "what great people they are". There are great people within our wrestling community ... but they are not running a business on the backs of children.

In a previous post I failed to properly attribute a quote I used in my post. I give full credit to Advocate for bringing me out of my non-posting shell. Thank you advocate. Have a good summer everybody.

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