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#9 Illini Control #17 Badgers in 24-16 Win

Illinois Scores Bonus Points in All 5 Wins for Johnson's 200th Victory

MADISON, Wis. - No. 9 Illinois won its third-straight dual meet, taking down No. 17 Wisconsin, 24-16, Sunday at UW Fieldhouse to give head coach Mark Johnson his 200th win at Illinois. Each team won five bouts, but the Illini got bonus points in all five of their victories, as No. 3 Jimmy Kennedy and No. 12 Jordan Blanton got pins, and B.J. Futrell, No. 2 Mike Poeta and John Dergo each scored major decisions.

"We knew this meet would probably split 5-5, so it was important for us to get those extra points where we could," Johnson said. "Our kids wrestled aggressively all day and put together our third straight good performance. The 200th win is a nice benchmark, but all it means is that Illinois has been a great place for me and that we've had a lot of really good wrestlers come through this program."

B.J. Futrell started fast against Drew Hamnen at 125, getting a takedown just eight seconds into the bout. After riding Hammen for 25 seconds, the Badger escaped. But Futrell quickly countered a poor shot and got another takedown for a 4-1 lead. Futrell let Hammen escape with 1:20 left in the first and got a solid single-leg takedown with 50 seconds left. Futrell once again shot and got a leg, quickly turning it into a takedown for an 8-3 lead after three minutes. The pair started neutral in the second and, off a restart, Futrell shot and got another takedown then rode him out for a 10-3 lead after two periods. Hammen chose top in the third and, after a restart, Futrell got a reversal and two quick near-fall points for a 14-3 lead. Futrell countered a shot by Hammen and got a cradle for the takedown. Futrell couldn't turn Hammen for the back points that would seal a technical fall but finished with a 17-4 major decision.

At 133, No. 3 Jimmy Kennedy got a takedown in 16 seconds on Tom Kelliher and cut him loose after he wasn't able to turn the Badger. Off a restart, Kelliher shot and got a slide-by takedown, but after another restart, Kennedy turned the corner for a reversal. Kennedy rode him out for the 4-3 lead after a period. Kennedy started down in the second and escaped in 12 seconds. Kennedy got in on a single-leg and finished it for a takedown. But after Kennedy cut him loose, Kelliher got an ankle after a shot by Kennedy and the Illini escaped. But Kenendy fought back with consecutive takedowns and rode him out for a 12-7 lead after two periods. Kelliher started down and escaped in the third, but Kennedy got a quick double-leg and turned Kelliher for three near-fall points before cinching in his arm and scoring the pinfall in 6:19, pushing Illinois' lead to 10-0.

Ryan Prater took on No. 1 Zach Tanelli at 141 and after being the aggressor for most of the first period, Tanelli shot in and got a single-leg for a takedown with 51 seconds left. He quickly turned Prater for three near-fall points and got two more near-fall points as the horn sounded, giving the top-ranked Badger a 7-0 lead after a period. Prater started down in the second and escaped in a few seconds, but Tanelli was able to turn the corner on him for a takedown. Prater escaped to make it 9-2 after two periods. The pair started neutral in the third with Tanelli holding 1:45 of riding time and Tanelli got in on a double-leg, but Prater held his high crotch and a stalemate was called. Off a restart, Tanelli shot and got both legs then turned it for a takedown. Tanelli was working for more back points, but Prater fended him off as the Badger took a 12-2 major decision.

At 149, Eric Terrazas squared off with No. 5 Kyle Ruschell and the pair battled to a scoreless first period. Ruschell started down in the second and escaped quickly. After no further scoring in the period, the pair started neutral in the third. Terrazas shot early in the period, but Ruschell pushed his head down and slid over him for the takedown and a 3-0 lead. After Ruschell rode him for over a minute, Terrazas escaped at the edge of the mat to make the final score 3-1 and cut Illinois' team lead to 10-7.

No. 2 Mike Poeta stepped on against Ben Jordan at 157 and Poeta got a leg with just under two minutes to go then turned it into a takedown. Poeta cut Jordan loose off a restart and got in on a double-leg for a takedown with a minute left. Poeta looked for the tilt off a restart and on his second attempt got a three-point near-fall for a 7-1 lead after a period. Poeta started down in the second and, off a restart, got a reversal with 1:40 left. Poeta cut him loose and got in on a leg, which he eventually turned into a takedown after a short scramble. With Poeta leading 11-2 with 2:10 of riding time heading into the third, Jordan started down and escaped. With 12 seconds left in the bout, Poeta shucked Jordan's head and got to an ankle, turned the corner and finished the takedown for a 14-3 major decision that improved Illinois' lead to 14-7 at the intermission.

At 165, No. 15 Roger Smith-Bergsrud and No. 8 Andrew Howe took to the mat and wrestled to a scoreless first period. Smith-Bergsrud started down in the second and escaped after 1:10 for the 1-0 advantage after five minutes. Howe started down in the third and escaped in six seconds, preserving his riding time advantage and tying the score at 1. Both wrestlers got good shots in during the third period, but neither could score as Howe took the 2-1 victory after the riding time point was added, making Illinois' lead 14-10.

John Dergo got a leg against Travis Rutt with two minutes left in the first period at 174 and controlled the second leg for a takedown. Rutt escaped in 15 seconds but Dergo got another single-leg and finished the takedown for a 4-1 lead after riding out Rutt. Dergo started down in the second and nearly got out before Rutt was warned for stalling. Dergo eventually escaped and got a takedown with 10 seconds let for a 7-1 lead after five minutes. Rutt started down in the third and Dergo cut him loose after running his riding time advantage to 1:12. Dergo shot and was countered, but re-shot and fired through on the double-leg to go up 9-3 after cutting Rutt loose once again. Rutt was hit with a stalling point as Dergo shot. Although Dergo couldn't finish the takedown, he added the riding time point for an 11-3 major decision win, pushing Illinois' lead to 18-10.

At 184, No. 12 Jordan Blanton got a leg 30 seconds in, lifted it and got over the top of Eric Bugenhagen for a takedown. Blanton cut him loose after getting his riding time over a minute then got a cradle for a takedown with 30 seconds left. Bugenhagen escaped with 15 seconds left and shot, but Blanton fought it off and turned the corner for a 6-2 lead after a period. Blanton started down in the second and quickly escaped before pulling down Bugenhagen's head and turning the corner for a takedown. He cut the Badger loose once more then got a leg and slid behind for a takedown and an 11-4 lead after cutting him loose. Bugenhagen shot and Blanton fought it off, then pushed his head down and turned the corner for two points. With 15 seconds left in the second, Blanton shot in and got a leg, then locked in a cradle, turned the Badger and pinned him with 11 seconds left, sealing the team win for the Illini at 24-10 with his third win over Bugenhagen this season.

Patrick Bond returned to the lineup at 197 against No. 3 Dallas Herbst and the pair battled to a scoreless first period. The wrestlers started neutral in the second and Bond countered a Herbst shot 30 seconds into the period, secured an ankle and finished the takedown with 1:23 left. Herbst escaped with 48 seconds left and Bond took a 2-1 lead into the third period. Herbst started down in the third and escaped in 13 seconds, leaving Bond with only 47 seconds of riding time advantage. Bond was warned for stalling with 43 seconds left, then shot with 22 seconds left only to have Herbst counter it and flip him for the takedown on the edge of the mat. Herbst looked for back points but Bond nearly got the reversal, escaping instead. Bond shot late and got a leg, but Herbst avoided the takedown and took a 4-3 win.

In the day's marquee matchup, No. 10 John Wise squared off with No. 9 Kyle Massey at heavyweight. After a scoreless first period, Massey started down in the second. After riding Massey hard for 50 seconds, Wise was warned for stalling and Massey got the reversal and rode out Wise for a 2-0 lead after five minutes. Wise started down in the third and nearly escaped, but Massey kept his hands locked on the Illini's leg to force a stalemate. Massey secured the riding time point and Wise was hit for a stalling point to give the Badger a 3-0 decision. But the victory had already been assured for the Illini, as they took the match 24-16.

#9 Illinois 24, #17 Wisconsin 16
125: B.J. Futrell (ILL) maj. dec. Drew Hammen (WIS), 17-4 (4-0)
133: #3 Jimmy Kennedy (ILL) pinned Tom Kelliher (WIS), 6:19 (10-0)
141: #1 Zach Tanelli (WIS) maj. dec. Ryan Prater (ILL), 12-2 (10-4)
149: #5 Kyle Ruschell (WIS) dec. Eric Terrazas (ILL), 3-1 (10-7)
157: #2 Mike Poeta (ILL) maj. dec. Ben Jordan (WIS), 14-3 (14-7)
165: #8 Andrew Howe (WIS) dec. #15 Roger Smith-Bergsrud (ILL), 2-1 (14-10)
174: John Dergo (ILL) maj. dec. Travis Rutt (WIS), 11-3 (18-10)
184: #12 Jordan Blanton (ILL) pinned Eric Bugenhagen (WIS), 4:49 (24-10)
197: #3 Dallas Herbst (WIS) vs. Patrick Bond (ILL), 4-3 (24-13)
285: #9 Kyle Massey (WIS) dec. #10 John Wise (ILL), 3-0 (24-16)
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