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Old 11-15-2019
nobert nobert is offline
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Greco Slip

Is there such a thing as avoiding wrestling by purposely slipping a throw in Greco?

I don't like the slip rule very much, and while watching the Bill Ferrell open today, I see a lot of guys throwing a piss poor headlock attempt in order to slip, and get out of a bad position.

If I am coaching one of these matches, is there a way to challenge? My guy is in good position to score, and opponent gets out of it by slipping his headlock.

I guess I am still learning some of the rules of Greco.
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Old 11-15-2019
BEAR-HUG BEAR-HUG is offline
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You can “catch” them change their direction and make it your move. The object is show that you changed their path. So if they throw a head lock and “slip,” catch them before hitting the mat and throw the opposite direction. If you follow to the mat, chances are they call the slip.
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Old 11-15-2019
golden eagle 157 golden eagle 157 is offline
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The slip is really for any throw. They got rid of it in freestyle and Greco back in the 90's for awhile because guys were hitting crappy arm throws to their bellies and not getting penalized. Watch Kurt Angle's gold medal match, he must have slipped 10+ throws that match.
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