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Old 12-30-2018
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Originally Posted by Toohonest View Post
Let me tell you exactly what happened re: FF matches at this tourney. By the way was directly told, as were the wrestlers, this information by Celtic staff table workers. "Any wrestler who has been credited with wrestling two matches is DONE for the night, ignore the announcements, wrestling starts at 9 am Sunday".

So as a parent, club, coach etc why would someone NOT believe this? They are representing Celtic, have been educated in what to say not to say tourney has been around etc. in a nutshell AWFUL job Celtic of having YOUR staff give false information to all the above.

No lame excuses, lies it did not happen or how "we" must be more accountable should have known listened to the PA..blah blah. The Celtic club simply messed up huge.

So ok some uneducated people mis spoke. Understand, very upset by it and feel ripped off as drove multiple hrs, had hotel etc. But the most disgusting disappointing part was the shorter Celtic "leader" who gave some speech in the beginning was directly told this information. His response: walked away said tough. Really! Had chance to correct these issues via multiple options but that's the route chosen...AWFUL. But guess it's about collecting money and "claiming to run an efficient tournament. So no respect to this guy whoever he is and don't care to ever know. I'm sure some club apologists will say this didn't happen but telling everyone this is exactly what happened.

And any bracket with a FF....tainted, hollow and unearned....sorry if that hurts but it's true.

But hey lesson learned. Show Me National, SD, other better more professional tournaments where intrigrity matters will be attended going forward. Good bye Celtic.
Captain Insane-o.

You donít remember the shintfit we all watched you throw about this. Tell us more about your friendship with the Larson family. Anyone who really knows the Dad knows he HAS NO friends. I donít even need to check any IP addresses with you. Thanks for saving me the trouble.
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