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Old 01-27-2010
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Shedding some light on a couple of results reporting issues

I received multiple PMs this week addressing a couple of issues in the way results are reported in the rankings. So, in order to head off more of the same in terms of these complaints, I'm addressing those now.

Issue 1: Defaults

Some people complained that I reported their wrestler losing a match on a default when he already had been pulled from the tournament. However, my information often comes from tournament brackets and box scores, which don't provide any insight on whether a default occurred as the result of wrestling...or whether the match actually took place.

Therefore, to put the defaults for which I do and do not know the circumstances on as equal a footing as possible, my policy is always to report - and report only - the first default in a string, even if that string is only one match. Let's say a wrestler is injured in the semifinals and defaults to sixth place. If the semifinal is carried to its conclusion, I'll report the consolation semifinal as a default; if the semifinal ended as a default, the reporting string ends with the semifinal match. If a championship or consolation semifinal is carried to its conclusion, the place match (if the championship semifinal losers are wrestling for third place) is reported as a default.

By reporting a default, I'm actually giving your wrestler an out. When a wrestler - particularly a ranked one - doesn't advance in a tournament, people want to know why. It may or may not be a loss that actually goes on the wrestler's record, but that's irrelevant for our purposes. The rankings are compiled for INFORMATIONAL purposes only, and are NOT intended to be used for any official purpose. And the type of default that is being addressed here is virtually never a factor in a wrestler's ranking anyway.

Issue 2: Losses sustained by wrestlers who are wrestling up a weight

When, for example, a 112-pounder loses to a 119-pounder, I'll report the result with the weight class of the heavier wrestler included. This provides context for the caliber of competition the lighter wrestler is going up against, and some credit for doing that.

But, like any rule, there are exceptions. If the heavier wrestler wrestles at the higher weight infrequently, I normally won't report the weight class. A good example is the 130-pound opponents faced by Mike Togher of Providence. Although Togher is listed at 135, he has wrestled at 130 on multiple occasions this season, and it's pretty obvious to everyone that lineup considerations have placed him at 135. Sorry, 130-pound Togher opponents, you'll only get credit for the match, not for wrestling somebody who's legitimately a weight class bigger. Some others at other weights fall into the same category.

This should answer some questions...whether you like the answers or not.
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