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Old 02-21-2014
Rob Sherrill Rob Sherrill is offline
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Day 2 Recap: Excitement ready to start?

Where is everybody?

Maybe it’s a fashionably late-arriving crowd. We can always hope.

But the first 1 days of the state tournament can only be defined by one thing: a lack of excitement. At least from the crowd in the stands. You could almost count them yourself most of the time to this point.

The exception was the 120-pound Class 3A quarterfinal between Mark Duda of Marist and Gabe Townsell of Oak Park-River Forest. And that match didn’t even start out that well – at least, not for Duda, who fell behind 7-1 after almost two periods.

But Duda’s rally got the crowd into it. He tossed Townsell for four points midway through the third period to take his first lead. A Townsell escape tied the score at 9, but Duda came out on top in scramble for the winning takedown, forcing Townsell to lose his whizzer with seven seconds remaining.

It was reminiscent of the Prater-Lloyd scramble in the finals a few years back.

The crowd responded as Duda shook his fist in the air while he rode out the final seconds.

The Dakota crowd was into it, too. Not bad for 8:30 in the morning. Maybe the rest will be as well as the semifinals proceed.
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Old 02-21-2014
old105 old105 is offline
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When all three classes had the quarterfinals at the same time, it was a bigger crowd and more overall excitement. As was mentioned in other posts, you could see the big matchups across all classes at the same time. I found that exciting. The first time everybody had to be there at the same time this year was the semi's.
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