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Originally Posted by CONDOR View Post
Good article by Mike Clark on the subject:


"On the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away..."
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Originally Posted by JustAFan4254 View Post
I am not trying to be rude by any means, and in no way looking for an argument, maybe just not reading your post right. But if your son and his friends didn't make it down state in a three class system how is it that you think they would have made it in only two classes?
Condor answered it the next post. Geography.

Moline's sectional in those days consisted of teams like Sycamore, Yorkville, Kaneland, Geneseo, Boylan, Dixon, Sterling. Good, solid programs, but after his sophomore year, they didn't lose to kids from those schools, and many of them are now 2A schools.

The switch to 3 classes his sophomore year changed all that. The sectionals he went to had Edwardsville, Granite City, Providence, Sandburg, Marist, Minooka (at their state championship peak and in our regional), Lockport, LWC. Just a slight step up in competition level.

People tend to forget that in 2 classes, there were 4 downstate sectionals where a lot of the 2A schools are located. It became much tougher for the kids at downstate 3A schools to qualify.

It was what it was and thems were the rules we played by.

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Old 02-09-2017
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Thanks, again I wasn't trying to sound like an A**. Makes sense. I tend to forget the impact the three classes have on the rest of the state being from the suburbs of Chicago. I unfortunately wrestled for a smaller 2A school in the old two class system and most of my losses were from guys who were from what are now 3A schools. And for me it would have been much easier to qualify with three classes. That being said I still liked the old two class system and I am proud to say I would rather be a sectional qualifier in the old two class system then to be a state qualifier who would not really see any real competition until the state tournament in today's three class system. Not trying to take anything away from guys who make it down state from 2A schools in today's current system, but the fact is that for the 2A schools in the Chicago area sectionals it is much easier to get down state (overall) not everyone, but majority.
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Old 02-09-2017
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2A cant win....we are the middle child in a three children family. Wasn't raised as tough as the 1st child, and not spoiled like the third.
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