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Old 03-24-2010
tigercoach tigercoach is offline
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eerily similar

I know I speak for many families who read your great post and said to themselves how much your thoughts echoed their's at the end of a son's or brother's competitive wrestling career.

Its very close to my thoughts after my younger brother's last collegiate wrestling match --- and the similarities in your family and my family experiences is crazy --- both of our fathers were central illinois HS wrestling coaches who spent countless hours/days/years helping us experience the sport of wrestling and were our HS coaches. I wrestled for an in-state D1 school (ISU) and my younger brother at a big 12 (5) wrestling school (Okie st.) and our thoughts immediately after our younger brother's final match were basically identical --- pretty cool stuff.

I hope you are as fortunate as I have been later in life to begin that experience over agan from yet another perspective (as your sons' coach/parent) introducing them to the sport and having a blast experiencing it with them along the way.
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