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Old 09-28-2005
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The Burk Blog 9/28 - Part II

Well Danny took care of introducing our coaching staff. They are awesome guys and are great to work with. Coach Grant knows every basis of what it takes to be tough. Scott Owen is one the best wrestlers in the nation right now and is as quick as they come. Ryan Ludwig is an ox and is in great shape and can just wrestle forever. Dennis Papadotos is funky and can scramble, which is needed in every college room with how college wrestling goes right now.

The difference between college wrestling and high school wrestling is like night and day. Every kid in the room is tough in their own way. Some strong, some lanky, some in great shape, and others just funky. I am adjusting well so far. In high school, most of the kids on my team were just there to say they were on the team and because we were all best friends. Now, every kid cares and wants to start. They are not just there to be there. It is way too much work.

Preseason went very well, as I stayed healthy and it helped adjust me and the fellow freshmen to the way Coach Grant runs the team before season actually begins. We get tomorrow morning and Friday morning off to rest up our bodies before we begin on Monday. Each day, we will have a workout at 6:30 in the morning and then another at 3:30 in the afternoon. We lift, run, drill, and wrestle live within those times.

It feels great right now to be on the same team as Danny again. Last year, he would come home about once a month and I would get a nice workout in during the season, but that was never enough. Now he is here to help push me to do the things that I need to go in order to get where I want. It also helps to have roommates like Mike Grimes and Johnny Galloway as they have already been to the national tournament and know how it feels. Watching everyone on the team work hard just pushes me to work even harder.

But yeh I am gonna go now, and I will write again next week sometime to speak about the first week of practice. Private Messages with feedback would be great and I hope you all have a great week. Peace.

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