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Old 12-27-2011
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My last post

Hello everyone,
I am well and whole in sunny Florida. Actually it was overcast and rainy Florida today, but whatever. Just wanted to dash off a few thoughts and leave them up for a little while, and then when Mike feels it's been long enough, this blog will or should close. I will be posting, I think, again, but under another name. This one doesn't fit me, like many of my clothes do not.

I am happy here, in almost every respect. I have lost a little over 100 pounds since July of 2010 (like a wrestler would -- lots of working out, water, and less eating). Still a little ways to go but I look much different than those who remember me would be used to seeing. I work for a logistics company and they like my work. I like their vision. Very old school. Almost a wrestler's mentality in their approach to how they do business.

I will say that "almost every respect" because I miss the sport. I haven't been to any meets here this year, and I have almost not wanted to go, because I am sure that the quality won't be the same as what you all have made me become accustomed. I am planning to take my boy to a couple of bigger meets.

Coverage of the sport here is non-existent. For a big invitational with 20-plus teams in the Jacksonville area, only team scores were run. Team scores! There've been no previews, not even a feature, and no game stories of dual meets.

I've tried to follow along anonymously on Matmen and The Predicament to the two states about which I've come to care so deeply. And, I've followed the two newspapers for which I worked. One is doing a solid job, one is not. I will leave it to you to guess which one is not.

I am glad that Dan Makarewicz is covering the beat the way I tried to cover it when I worked there, and added some improvements that I couldn't get pushed through when I was there (blogs most notably). It is heartbreaking, in a way, that the other newspaper has limited itself to a couple of features, a preview full of mistakes, and (more than likely, since I broke my $%$%$^%&^ every Saturday to get full tournament results in when I was there, plus at least one game story every week) a lot less coverage generally. However, it is unsurprising, given that paper's general attitude toward the sport. They don't even cover their Iowa HS teams very well.

I am content with how I left things, but I miss the sport daily since the competitive season began. And I hope that each of you, be you a fan or a wrestler, or both, gives it your all to support the sport. I will hope for the local teams to do well and the Montinis/Marists/GBNs not beat up on my guys too much. I wish my friends I met through this sport my very best.

Leave it all on the mat. Always.

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