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Old 02-13-2006
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The Burk Blog 2/13

Well it has been quite a while, but I figured with everything going on at the end of the high school season, and so many things being posted on the front page that are more important than the blog, that I would wait a bit to post.

We have been doing pretty well as a team, but nothing overly great. We beat Ohio, Lock Haven and North Dakota St. We tied Kent St and UNI, and we lost to Central Michigan. In that span, I have gone 4-2. Against Kent St, I was in the prefect position for an athlete. The meet came down to my match, the last one of the night, and if I won, we won. But I didn't execute my game plan well, and lost. It was disappointing, and I felt I let our whole team down. I just wasn't on that night, and things didn't go my way.

But that is part of life. Sometimes we are put into positions where we can be heroes, and sometimes we don't get the job done. It is something I have to learn to live with right now, and I have. But at the same time, it is something that I will always go back and think about.

We have three duals this week, and then have 2 weeks off before the MAC tournement. Everyone has been training hard and I think we are going to come together at the right time this year. Our coaches have been preaching March 3/4 ever since August, and that's what we train for everyday.

I know for myself, the MAC tourney is the biggest meet of the year for me so far. The rest of my matches are very important and I never take them lightly at all. But with that being said, I don't try to peak at any point until MACs. I do extra workouts everyday, without worrying about being tired for a match, because I know it will all help out in the end. And, I feel very confident that I am going to wrestle the best I ever have on March 3 and 4. I know our coaches are going to have me ready, and I know that all the work I have put in will be rewarded.

Anyway, that's all I have now, I just wanted to keep you guys updated. I'll get back next week after our meets. I want to say good luck to everyone competing this weekend. The IHSA state tourney is an awesome experience, and I hope all the athletes relax and stay calm, and allow themselves to do their best. So good luck, wrestle tough, and believe you belong, because you wouldn't be there if you didn't.


My shout out this week goes to my high school Cross Country and Track coach, Mr Mike Sullivan. After everything I put him through while on his teams for four years, he actually still likes me and supports me by coming to my meets and caring not only about how I do every match, but also about me as a person. Thanks coach.

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