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Old 03-02-2008
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Rating the sectionals -- Class A

I often find the debates to be entertaining when the topic of conversation is which sectional is the best statewide. I don't know if what I'm about to lay out makes the debate any more fact-filled, but it is my way of adding to the conversation.

Before I start, let me say this: the parameters of my job mostly limit me to "knowledge" (if I can even claim that) of the northern sectional in Class A, whether it's called Byron or Oregon. I know very little about the rest of the sectionals.

In an effort to attain some knowledge, I wanted to start by using some objective means of comparing them. So, I assigned point values for medals and for tournament advancement at state. For medals, I gave 10 points for first, five for second, three for third and two for fourth. For advancement, I gave one point for a decision, 1 1/2 for a major, two for a tech fall and three for a pin, injury default, disqualification or forfeit.

Here's what I found as I walked through the weight classes:

103: Lance Evans' victory, plus the fact that he won four matches to take his title, gave Plano an early lead, with 16 1/2 points (Evans earning 14 of those). Byron had 9 1/2, with Thorian Twyner's third and a major in the third-place match, and Jon Harris winning by injury default in the prelims. Robinson had seven, with Coy Davidson (second) scoring all the points, while Olympia also had seven.

112: Big weight class for Byron, as most predicted, with a 1-3 medal finish for Allen Fish and Nick Harrison. Byron wrestlers also won eight matches during the tournament, with only Vandalia's Josh Eller the only non-Byron wrestler to beat a Byron qualifier. Byron picked up 24 1/2 points for a total of 34 through two weights. Robinson had 11 points (18 through two weights), behind Eller's second and two wins, plus a pin from Doug Powers. Olympia scored eight points (15 so far), with Austin Miller recording two pins and finishing fourth. Plano was shut out, remaining at 16 1/2.

119: A balance between Byron and Olympia here. Seth Milks' title, plus two majors he won along the way, provided most of Byron's 15 points (49 through three weights). Olympia had two on the podium (Steve Ferman second and Dustinn Brown fourth), and Brown had bonus points twice for the sectional to score 13 1/2 points (28 1/2 total so far). Robinson won five matches and Jake Miller took third for eight points in the weight (26 total), and Plano got a pin from Bryan Lenig in a pigtail match for three points (19 1/2 total).

125: Balance again, this time between Byron and Plano. Cameron Vance vs. Tony Whaley in the third place match brought five points, and Byron wrestlers won seven matches (Vance with a pin and major) for 14 1/2 points (63 1/2 total). John VanDuyne's title and three wins were all Plano got, but it was enough for 13 points (32 1/2 total). Jake Holliday's runnerup fnish and two wins gave Robinson seven points (33 total), while Olympia had two match wins for two points (30 1/2 total).

130: As many predicted, Olympia was the dominant sectional at this weight, with a first from Blake Meyer and third from Tyler Wilfley. Olympia wrestlers won eight matches, and the sectional totaled 23 1/2 points (54 total). Plano, with Steve Heino finishing second and winning twice (pinning Wilfley in the semis), got nine points (41 1/2 total). Robinson got a fourth from Nate Bly, who scored six of the sectional's seven points (40 total), and Byron had just one win, a pin from Zach Patterson, for three points (66 1/2 total).

135: Plano dominated this weight, with a first from Noah Roseland and third from Jeff Goodwin, plus six match wins, good for 21 points (62 1/2 total). Cody Pyle got all of Robinson's points, winning twice and finishing second for nine points (49 total). Byron won four matches, with Cody Brewington finishing fourth, for eight points (74 1/2 total). Olympia won two matches, with one major, for 2 1/2 points (56 1/2 total).

140: Robinson earned a slight advantage over Byron, with Zach Wilson's title and three wins giving the sectional 13 of its 15 1/2 points (64 1/2 total). Byron won four matches, with Ty Taylor finishing second and Tom Hawley getting a pin, for 11 points (85 1/2 total). Both Plano and Olympia scored six points each, with Jon Young finishing third and winning three times for all of Plano's points, giving that sectional (68 1/2 total). Olympia got a fourth from Lucas Graves, who also had a pin during his tournament, and the sectional finished with 62 1/2 total points through this weight class.

At the halfway point, Byron has a slight advantage over the other three sectionals, though which sectional will emerge as the No. 2 is by no means clear.

145: Plano's Jake Murphy won the title, but Jeff Bybee vs. Ethan Ball in the third-place match, plus seven match wins for the sectional, gave Byron a slight edge. Byron scored 14 points in this weight class (99 1/2 total). Murphy scored all of Plano's 13 points (81 1/2 total). Robinson got a runnerup finish from Adam Bowling, who had 7 1/2 of the sectional's 8 1/2 points (73 total). Olympia had just one match win and one point (63 1/2 total).

152: A three-way tossup, as Plano, Olympia and Byron all had moments. Plano got the title, with Chase Odeen winning and getting two majors and three wins for all 14 points (95 1/2 total). Olympia had two medals (Kyle Dooley second and Emmett Hall fourth), and four wins from the medal-winning pair, for 13 points (76 1/2 total). Byron got a third from Jared Hermann, and the sectional won six matches (four with bonus points) for 12 1/2 points (112 points). Robinson had just one match win and one point (74 total). We see Plano making an initial move for second place here in these last two weight classes.

160: Byron's 1-2 finish from Tony Bahrs and Jered Staver made this sectional dominant. Byron won seven matches (six coming from Bahrs and Staver) to score 25 points (137 total). Robinson, with Shea Baker's third and three match wins (including a pin), scored nine points total as a sectional (83 total). Plano got all of its points from fourth-place William Jenkins, with six (101 1/2 total), and Olympia had two match wins for two points (78 1/2 total).

171: Another three-way battle between Plano, Byron and Olympia. Plano had a slight upper hand, with Tom Fritz's title win and three match wins (including a major in the finals). That netted the sectional 14 1/2 points (116 total). Byron had two medals (Logan Behn second and Brandon Person fourth), plus four match wins, including a pin from Person. Byron finished with 13 points (150 total), as did Olympia, which got a third from Devon Johnson and five match wins (a pin and tech from Johnson and a pin from Tyler Flynn). Olympia has 91 1/2 points total. Robinson had one match win, a pin from frequent Matmen contributor Taylor Wolfe, for three points (86 total).

189: Mitch Alberstett's run from the prelims to the title, plus three pins along the way, netted Byron 20 big points in this weight class (170 total), though Alberstett was the only Byron wrestler to score. Robinson picked up 11 points, thanks to a second from Matt Shroyer and all three match wins collecting bonus points along the way. Robinson now has 97 total. Plano scored 8 1/2 points (124 1/2 total), with Tom Randich scoring six of those (finishing fourth, plus a pin in the pigtails). Olympia got eight points (99 1/2 total), with third-place Zach Wakid scoring seven of them.

215: Thanks to the dominating performance of Curt Myers, Olympia picked up 17 points (116 1/2 total), with Myers scoring all of them (title, plus two pins and three wins). Plano was second with 10 points (134 1/2 total), as Mario Zinanni finished second and scored nine of those 10. Robinson had 7 1/2 points (104 1/2 total), with John Jones taking third and four sectional match wins, and Byron had six points (a fourth from Michael Sojka, and four match wins, but no bonus points) to move to 176 total.

285: No question, Olympia flat out dominated, with David Devine and Evan Kline going 1-2 and Devine, Kline and Dustin Genenbacher all getting at least one pin during the tournament. Olympia dominated this weight like no other sectional dominated any other weight class, scoring 31 points (147 1/2 total). Plano finished with nine points (143 1/2 total), behind a third from Mike Letton, who scored all nine. Robinson had six points, all coming from fourth-place Nathan Stone, to finish with 110 1/2 points. Byron had only two match wins for four points, but finished with 182.

So, what do we learn from this? This set of numbers says that Byron holds a statistical edge over the rest of the state, though some weight classes (130, 215 and 285) made their edge look a little less significant. In all the others, Byron scored no fewer than eight points, with double digits in nine of the 14 weight classes.

Olympia edged out Plano for second, but Olympia was boosted by big numbers in three weight classes (again, 130, 215 and 285), where it scored nearly half its points. Clearly, that sectional had stars at those weights, but otherwise the sectional averaged just under seven points per class. Plano had slightly more consistency, but it was the only sectional to be shut out in a weight (112) and only scored three at 119. Having six champions also helped its total, as depth was definitely a weakness. Robinson brought up the rear at 110 1/2 points. Having only one champion hurt Robinson, and low point totals at 152 and 171 also hurt.

What else do these numbers say? Well, they should say that I'm a stat geek -- guilty as charged.

In future entries, I'll break down each sectional to show which regional was the strongest in each, using mostly the same set of numbers. And, don't worry, Class AA fans. Your turn is coming. However, I may not be able to do a breakdown of the Granite City sectional, unless it's posted on the Southern Illinois board somewhere.

Otherwise, if you head out to Sterling tomorrow (Sunday the 2nd), I'll see you there.

Thanks for reading!
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Old 03-02-2008
kidcoach kidcoach is offline
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The scary part of this whole thing Shannon, other than your geekness, is that this was the least dominate that the Byron sectional has been in years. Go back and check it out if you don't believe me, but with teams going AA lately, it has lowered the gap.
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Old 03-02-2008
merrit merrit is offline
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Also, Last year Macomb was in the Byron/Oregon Sectional. If those Macomb guys were there again this year those numbers would be alot different than they were this year.
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Old 03-10-2008
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oly sec

Originally Posted by merrit View Post
Also, Last year Macomb was in the Byron/Oregon Sectional. If those Macomb guys were there again this year those numbers would be alot different than they were this year.
i'm glad macomb is at our reg and sec bring it on. the boys work hard and the north boys dont scare em. the gab is closin and the central is risin
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