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Comparing college to high school - Part Two

By Andre’ Morgan /

While at the NWCA National Duals in Cedar Falls, Iowa, I talked with a few selected Illinois wrestlers that wrestle for various teams around the United States. I became interested in what differences they had noticed in high school and college wrestlers. I am doing a series of feature articles on this subject.

A complete story of all of their answers can be found on in the next week but for my friends here at here is a sample of their thoughts.

Stephen Dwyer - Nebraska (Hononegah ‘06) 1x State Champion, 2x All State, 2x State Finalist, 3x Starter @ Nebraska, 2008 NCAA All American, 1x National Dual Team Finalist, Ranked # 6 @ 165 lbs.

1. What are the differences you have noticed between h.s. and college wrestling?

“The main difference is every match in college is a tough match. Your basic college match is what would be considered a big match in high school. Everyone in college is good. They were all somebody, All Conference, All State or All American.”

“In high school everything I did extra would just be what is expected as normal in college. You have to do a lot more in college and you have to step it up in order to win in college.”

“Riding time is a big thing. That is major in college and a big adjustment for a lot of wrestlers. I learned right away to get off the bottom.”

2. In what ways do you train different from the way you did in h.s.?

“We do a lot more team lifting and pre season training in college. In high school there is one practice and that’s it. In college practice is much more scheduled and we have coaches for your specific needs.”

3. Were you prepared for the college level coming out of h.s.?

“If you work hard good thing are going to happen. I have seen a lot of guys quit college wrestling. They expect to win right away because that is what they are use to coming from college. Here you have to put in the work and stay the course.”

4. Describe the differences in the officiating in college?

“I think the officials do a better job on this level. The officials on the NCAA level know when to make a call. In high school some officials make bogus calls for no apparent reason. My idea of a good official is one that stays on the mat and works the match instead of trying to be the show.”

5. What differences in the team aspect do you notice between h.s. and college?

“The college wrestling season is longer than your average high school season running from October to late March. The length of the season will test how dedicated you are.”

6. Describe balancing the academics and athletics of college versus h.s.?

“It is almost a lifestyle change and you can’t do something you are not dedicated to.”

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