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Old 03-09-2009
Wrestling Media
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It's Championship Time...I am in heaven...

It's that time of the year I like best. Championship Time. Everywhere I look there is a championship being contested. I barley have time to live my life. If you are a true wrestling fan you feel the same way.

It's like it is Wrestling 24/7. Let me try to put it in perspective. It all started with the individual state tournament at the University of Illinois at Champaign's Assembly Hall. I was there in press row and on the floor to see all of the matches championship day. Up close and personal. I got to talk to all of the champs moments after winning. To share a special moment in another humans life is in itself special.

Three days later I am watching Oak Park vs Sandburg and Mt. Carmel vs St. Rita. And in the middle of the week no less. Why blab on the Internet when I get to see some of the best wrestling in the state 15 minutes from my house. I had to go, even if I was not covering it for the media.

In the press booth high above the U.S. Cellular Center in Bloomington four days later, broadcasting the Dual Team state, my wrestling thrill ride continues.

Forget that in four hours after getting home from dual state at 4 a.m. I must hit the road again. This time, I need to be on the Truman State University campus in Missouri, six hours away, for the DII Midwest Regionals my son is wrestling in.

I make it an hour early to TSU for my next wrestling stimulus shot as I get to see my son Mario win a regional championship and qualify for a national title. While it is great reporting on others children it is great to see my own and nothing can give me my wrestling fix like that does.

24 hours after returning home I am meeting with the coach at the high school that I work at Vocational. He shows me the plans for a new state of the art wrestling room he is starting construction on. Working on the room to get it ready for next season is a shot to my wrestling blood. Also, just talking wrestling with the father of the new IHSA heavyweight champ who works with me keeps my fix going. Even at work I can't get away from that championship feeling. It's that time of the year where all plans are either completed or started for next season.

That night I am peering over brackets from DII and DIII. More wrestling fixes. Championship brackets. Who can beat who? I just love the individual battles and match-ups. All week I can ponder these and stop by a Harvey Twisters practice or two. They are in championship mode as well.

I just love this time of the year. No more excuse. Everyone is talking about who did what and what they have won and advanced to. No rankings needed. This is the final rankings. The championships are everywhere.

Oh No! It's Saturday. I know I am suppose to be somewhere watching wrestling. I can go to the IKWF Central Chicago sectional to see even more championships battled for. But that means I can't see the Big 10 early rounds. Oh well I decide it is better to see the IKWF and the Twisters than watch the Big 10's. Besides the finals will be back on the big screen tomorrow so everything is okay. Whew!

Next up there is the Big 12's and the Big 10's. I can't go to those but I see plenty of matches that I must watch on ESPN and Big Ten Network. I probably look like a nut to my wife as I rush home to see the Big 12's on t.v. After all they are on the Nebraska Lincoln campus and there are a few matches I want to see. This is why I bought a big screen, right!

Did I mention that I love championship time? The more I think about it the real March Madness is all of these different wrestling championships in my life. Forget basketball, we have the real madness.

A Chicagoland who's who of kid's and high school wrestling are at Mt Carmel for the IKWF sectional. The right to go to Rockford for the championship are on the line and what a sense of urgency the little champs have. They were really getting after it on Sunday at Mt. Carmel. My wrestling needs are settled early.

But once I get home I remembered the Big 12's. Yes! Big screen is all mine.

Hold it. The DIII's are today too! Wonder what's going on with Rush and Oster? Where did I put that laptop? I know they are showing the matches online somewhere. I bet I can see both, one on computer and one on big screen.

And the next day if I can make it to 1 p.m. I can blame it on the rain, stay inside and watch the Big 10 finals. More big screen time. Yea!

I love championship time.

And looking to the future there is the trip to Houston to see the DII Nationals and after that there are the DI finals as well in St. Louis. Life is almost perfect.

Too bad I can't see the IKWF finals or the Illinois Matmen Challenge. No Senior Nationals for me this year or even the Illinois vs Indiana dual. No wait, what is that date? Maybe I can make that one.

I bet those would satisfy my lust for championship matches but I guess going to both NCAA's will be a nice trade-off. But you can believe I will see the tapes or internet broadcast of the matches as soon as I get back home.

There is something about this time of the year. I love watch the battles for the titles. No matter where they are.

I am addicted to championship matches. Maybe I need to see Dr. Phil like Madea did.

I think I will get back to a normal life sometime in April. If there are no more championship matches.

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