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Old 01-18-2006
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The Burk Blog 1/18

Well National Duals didn't go too well for myself or our team. We lost A LOT of close matches. I lost 4-3 and 5-2. Both matches were lost early on, mainly because i didn't force my style enough at the start of the match. But, that is something I've been working on a lot, and it is coming along. In the end, March, I believe that everything is going to come together for me and our team. We train for March, and our coaches are doing a great job of getting us ready for each match, but also keeping in mind that nothing really matters a whole lot until March.

There were some great matches at the Nationals Duals. A lot of good wrestlers and good teams competed, and it was interesting to see them go head to head in a dual meet format.

We travel to Ohio this weekend. Friday we wrestle Ohio U in our second MAC match of the year. Then Sunday we wrestle at the Wendy's duals in Ashland. Hopefully we can rebound as a team and get back to our winning ways. I am excited to get back on the mat, because I really feel I underperformed last weekend.

That's all I have about wrestling for now.....I kind of wanted to touch on a subject that has been floating around on the message board here for a bit. As we all know, Travis Hammons is in a lot of trouble. I am not going to defend him. What he did was terribly wrong and there is no excuse for that. The blame is soley on him, regardless of the situation, because we all have the ability to make our own choices. But at the same time, I ask people to continue to support him. He is a great talent in our sport and could still have a future in wrestling. I'm not asking people to love him or feel sorry for him. In fact, I'd say the opposite. But he is a great kid. He has a good heart and means well. When things didn't go right for him, he didn't have anyone to turn to, and got himself into trouble. It happens to people.

I think a lot of people in the world take for granted what they have in life and all they have been blessed with. I have a wonderful family who supports me no matter what and who has put warm meals on the table for me ever since I was born. Everyone in my family talks to me almost daily, and makes sure everything is going alright, and makes sure I don't need anything. Honestly, I am not too sure Travis ever had this. He seemed to be a kid who was searching for someone to help him and be there for him on a daily basis. He needed someone he could turn to when things went wrong. And, that's a hard thing to find. That type of love can't be replaced by a friend or an oursider. So when things went wrong, he turned to the people he thought were the closest to him.....that caused a lot of problems.

Again, don't think I'm defending him or feeling sorry for him. I'm just saying that some people are not as blessed as others in what they have or who they have. I'm lucky enough to have two awesome parents who would do anything for me at anytime. I'm not saying Travis didn't ever have this. I'm just saying that when he needed someone, he might not have thought he had anyone he could go to. I hope things work out for him and hope that someday he will get back on the mat. If not, it's a tragedy. But, it happens, to a lot of people, all too often.

Thanks again for reading. Sorry the format of this was a little different. When Duke and I read the story about him, we were kind of torn.....we know he did something very wrong, but at the same time, Duke knows him pretty well, and knows that inside, he is a good person. We both send our best to him and hope that all you will as well.....Again, who knows how much support he is getting right now. He may need the wrestling community much more than we may think.

- Danny -

My shout out this week will kind of be like Duke's. It goes to Mrs Ludwig, because this way, maybe she will remember my name next time we speak!! (I'm just kidding, you are forgiven!!)

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Old 01-18-2006
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Well said Danny... Tough duals for NIU but at the same time it's nice to know you can wrestle such good schools to close matches. Michigan and Iowa in the consis, you guys got a tough tough draw....

Good luck against Ohio, they got a pretty solid squad. Not sure if their Heavyweight Adleman is back yet, he and Sapp will be a good one just like last year...
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