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Old 10-20-2005
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The Burk Blog 10/20

Another week gone of training. I would say right now we are doing extremely well. The intensity is high when it needs to be, and the attention to detail is also there. Everyone seems to be working really hard. As many of you have heard, we are losing a great coach and friend, Scott Owen, to the Naval Academy. This is a wonderful opportunity for Scott, and there is no doubt that he is going to be great out there. He is someone I have always looked up to, and he is a great example of what hard work can get you. As a former roommate of mine, he and I were able to build a pretty solid friendship throughout the past few years, and I have learned many, many things from him. I wish him luck not only in coaching, but in life, and in his training. He is one of the best talents in the country, just wait till he shows it on the national stage. Hopefully this weekend, in AZ, he does some nice things at his new weight.

Other than that nothing too exciting has happened since I last wrote. I'm continuing to try to be somewhat healthy, although it is not the easiest thing right now in my situation. Also, I'm trying to complete my Sr Thesis paper before we start meets, so that is a chore in and of itself. So far I've been able to balance this semester pretty well. This is by far the hardest semester I am going to have in college, so come December, I am going to be very relieved.

Wrestle offs are two weeks from yesterday. The mini tournament will start that Monday. There are going to be some great matches, so hopefully you guys can make it out. The great thing about our team this yr is our depth. We have a solid backup for every starter, making for some good competition in the mat room. Things are looking really good for us right now. I think we are going to be a tough team to compete against.

Duke is still doing well. He has adjusted to college life a bit better than what I maybe would have thought. He is going to be wrestling 184, and I think that's a great fit for him. He's tall and will continue to grow into his body. After the fall testing in the weight room, he is in the top 4-5 I think in 3 of the 4 lifts. That's pretty good for a freshman, especially one who is going to continue to grow. For those of you that don't know, Duke and I are best friends and do a lot together. So to see him doing this well in our program makes me very happy. He had a great high school career, and sometimes kids live in that glory and don't continue to work as hard. Duke has been the opposite....he is working harder, and that's a great thing to see. I pride myself on hard work and discipline, so to see Duke doing the same thing in his life shows what a great job our parents did raising us and our sister to not only be good athletes, but good citizens. So, I should thank my mom and dad..... (they will like that!)

Anyway, that's all I have. I will have PLENTY more to talk about once the season starts. Thanks again, and hopefully everyone continues to tune into our weekly lives on here.

PS - How about that ND/USC game last week!?!? WOW

- Danny -

Glory is not in never falling....but in rising everytime you fall.

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