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Old 03-12-2011
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Breaking down Vandalia

Ah, Vandalia...

You were a tough nut to crack. Three different regionals were in the lead at one point or another, and just when I thought one would run away and hide, along would come another. In fact, the regional with the top point total didn't do it until 285. I was more than pleasantly surprised that it was -- within its context -- as competitive as it was, and that so many different areas of southern Illinois took away some bragging rights on Saturday afternoon.

A note on the points. The championship breaks were the same -- 1 for first round, 2 for quarters, 4 semis, 8 championship. I had to add a 3-point round to the consis, however, because one can win four matches and finish third. The point totals are a lot higher, as a group, than the state totals because of full wrestlebacks.

Read on for the breakdown...


1. Herrin Regional (Anna, Carterville, Harrisburg, Herrin, Johnston City, Pinckneyville, Murphysboro, West Frankfort) -- 282.5 points.
Snapshot -- Herrin had only three weights where it failed to score in double digits, but it was in danger of falling into fourth place after 125, when it was just two points out of the basement. But four champions and a lot of qualifiers didn't hurt, either. After standing third at 152, Herrin moved into second with a 30-point effort at 160 (2nd-3rd-alternate from its three qualifiers) and then scored at least 25 points in each of the final three weights, including a 38-point effort at 285 (third best from any regional at any weight) that pushed it past the regional that had led since 140.
State qualifiers (12; 2 alternates) -- 2nd.
1sts -- Daniel Heath (Anna, 112); Ethan Pullum (Herrin, 130); Drake Holland (Herrin, 145); Levi Fortner (Herrin, 152).
2nds -- Bailey Meneese (West Frankfort, 103); Hadin Restivo (West Frankfort, 135); Dan Frey (Carterville, 160); Tyler Cravens (Herrin, 215); Devon Lohman (Herrin, 285).
3rds -- Napolean Hughes (Murphysboro, 160); J.R. Roberts (Johnston City, 189); Brad Sauer (Murphysboro, 285).
Alternates -- Zach Lindsay (Herrin, 140); Brad Bozic (West Frankfort, 152).

2. Shelbyville Regional (Auburn, Carlyle, St. Anthony, Riverton, Rochester, Shelbyville, Toledo Cumberland, Vandalia) -- 280 points.
Snapshot -- Slow start hurt this regional early on, but a 1-2 effort at 125 got things going in the right direction, and it took the lead at 140 behind the second-biggest point total from any trio (42.5 points, thanks to a 1-3 finish at the weight). After the 171 weight class, it led by 36.5 points and scored 50 in the final three, but just couldn't keep Herrin from its late surge to the top.
State qualifiers (13; 4 alternates) -- 1st.
1sts -- Justin Hill (Vandalia, 125); Dalton Brown (Shelbyville, 140); Levi Ulmer (Vandalia, 171); Kevin Roper (Carlyle, 189).
2nds -- Nathan Day (Cumberland, 112); Jake Walters (Auburn, 125); Alex Jones (Shelbyville, 130); Clay Wilson (Cumberland, 171).
3rds -- Dustin Dambacher (Auburn, 112); Devan Henderson (Cumberland, 130); CJ Runkel (Vandalia, 135); John Vosholler (Vandalia, 140); Daniel Edwards (Vandalia, 152).
Alternates -- Zach Zvonar (Carlyle, 119); Greg Boaz (Auburn, 130); Michael Lindstrom (Rochester, 145); Tim Heatherly (Carlyle, 215).

3. Mt. Olive Regional (Carlinville, Carrollton, Hillsboro, Litchfield, Mt. Olive, Pittsfield, Roxana, East Alton-Wood River) -- 229 points.
Snapshot -- This regional nearly held every spot in the order, with the strongest trio at any weight anywhere in the sectional going right out of the chute at 103. Newkirk, Patton and Ogara combined for 48.5 points, with two qualifiers and an alternate in the mix. But after 125, some chinks started to appear in the armor, and Mt. Olive lost its lead to Shelbyville at the halfway point. Herrin passed it at 160, and only nine points separated it from fourth at the end.
State qualifiers (9; 3 alternates) -- 3rd.
1sts -- Seth Newkirk (Litchfield, 103); Coy Davidson (Litchfield, 135); Zach Abney (Pittsfield, 160).
2nds -- Eric Tiller (Mt. Olive, 145); Tyler Floyd (Roxana, 152).
3rds -- Kevin Patton (Pittsfield, 103); Devon Fenton (Litchfield, 119); Nolan Logan (Roxana, 171); Bolton Brakenhoff (Litchfield, 215).
Alternates -- Jeremy Ogara (Roxana, 103); Christian Pratt (Mt. Olive, 125); Dan Perryman (Litchfield, 285).

4. Mt. Carmel Regional (Benton, Carmi, Fairfield, Lawrenceville, Mt. Carmel, Olney, Robinson) -- 220 points.
Snapshot -- For a fourth-place regional, this one gave good fight. It got off to the poorest start of any weight (just three points at 103, due to a consi first-round pin), but it battled after that and nearly pulled itself out of the bottom after trailing third place by 31.5 points at 152, and 41.5 at 160. But 64 points over the final three weights, including titles at 215 and 285, helped a lot.
State qualifiers (8; 4 alternates) -- 4th.
1sts -- Ross Worthey (Benton, 119); Justin Melton (Lawrenceville, 215); Tanner Crum (Mt. Carmel, 285).
2nds -- Garrett Irvin (Lawrenceville, 119); Damon Wilson (Benton, 140); Jordan Griffith (Fairfield, 189).
3rds -- Frank Parola (Benton, 125); Derek Garrett (Mt. Carmel, 145).
Alternates -- Payton Stifle (Robinson, 112); Kramer Sweeten (Lawrenceville, 135); Mike Smolinski (Robinson, 171); Evan Worlds (Carmi, 189).

So that was pretty fun. Vandalia is a sectional I don't know much about, and I learned that even if the south struggles at state, that doesn't mean that it isn't a fight to get there from out of the south. Ask the 42 kids who did. They can tell you, better than I can.

Coming Sunday: Tolono Unity Sectional.

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